Brad Bowling
August 1, 2006

"With Randy and Hubert on board, getting support from Ford and the industry was a lot easier," Mike said. "We met with Ford Racing at the Performance Racing Industry show to get permission to use 'The Going Thing', and we had many meetings with vendors to discuss specifications. Everything on the car has been made to suit our needs, like the Weld wheels. The design and size are unique to the Shadrach; nobody else can order them. Same thing with the body panels; we created them from scratch and we own the original molds.

"The kids I work with every week will not only benefit from this program, but they have been involved every step of the way. The six-point rollcage, the custom mirror housings with the inset blinkers, the rear shock tower braces, the X-brace under the car, the upholstery ... are just a few of the parts they install. Their fingerprints are literally all over these cars, and the experience teaches them a lot about responsibility and working together as a team." A team like Platt and Payne?

Pure Power Motorsports
(770) 617-1559

Interior / Exterior
Rudy Beaver's Platt & Payne Signature Edition Shadrach Mustang
PPM-designed front bumper cover; aerodynamic carbon-fiber air splitter; billet grille; raised carbon-fiber hood with twin air inlet scoops; flared fenders; carbon-fiber side skirts and side exhausts; Pro Stock adjustable wing; lower air diffuser; factory paint covered with a layer of pearl and clear; unique wings/flames logo; "The Going Thing" white stripes

Six-point chromoly rollcage; leather-wrapped, air-conditioned, heated Recaro front seats; matching rear seats; G-Force five-point harnesses; carbon-fiber dash; Delphi heads-up display

AJE tubular K-member, control arms, shock tower bar, adjustable front sway bar, adjustable track bar and subframe stiffener; Metco billet front strut tower bar, lower rear control arms and upper link bracket; 14-inch cross-drilled Brembo fronts; 13.5-inch cross-drilled Brembo rears

hlins coil-over double-adjustable shocks; HyperCo coil springs

Wheels And Tires
20-inch forged aluminum Weld Racing wheels and 315/35R20 back, 255/35R20 front Nitto tires

Rudy Beaver's Platt & Payne Signature Edition Shadrach Mustang
Ford 4.6-liter SOHC V-8

Engine Modifications
Forged aluminum pistons; Manley H-beam connecting rods; Comp camshafts; CNC-ported three-valve heads; 16-injector fuel system; twin water-to-air Precision T3 turbochargers with dual-stage boost control; dual water-to-air intercoolers; a Metco billet turbo plenum; Kinsler 8-Stack injection system; stainless steel turbo headers; Random Technology high-flow catalytic converters; Be Cool four-core radiator; Metco billet underdrive pulleys

Engine Management
Factory PCM for basic engine functions; piggyback computer for eight secondary injectors

Short-throw Hurst shifter; RAM clutch; G-Force six-speed racing transmission; one-piece driveshaft; Strange Ford nine-inch rear; 3.55:1 gears; 35-spline competition axles

710 rwhp
737 rwtq