Jeff Yip
August 1, 2006

The car was sidelined and Trent carpooled to work while he squirreled away the cash to build his current Dart block-based 316. By the end of September 2003, thanks to help from Beau Pauley at Mental Addiction Motorsports and Steve Jones at 1st Performance in Mesa, Arizona, he had the Fox running again.

The Dart block is the foundation for a 316-ci thumper built by 1st Performance. The rotating assembly consists of an Eagle 4340 forged crank he got a smoking deal on, forged H-beam connecting rods, CP pistons, SpeedPro plasma rings and Clevelite 77H bearings. ARP 2000 rod bolts and head studs keep things together.

A "tiny" Cam Motion custom hydraulic roller bump stick and Crane Pro Magnum 1.6 rockers keep the 2.02-inch intake and 1.60-inch exhaust valves dancing. The Twisted Wedge cylinder heads with a 185 CNC port job from Total Engine Airflow are retained. Up top are an Accufab 75mm throttle body, a Reichard Racing upper intake manifold with a one-inch spacer that barely clears the stock hood and Reichard's TFS-R air-gapped lower manifold. Kendall also upgraded the turbo from a T64e to a small frame GT42 from Limit Engineering in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Though this setup was making an estimated 660 rear wheel horsepower, there was still room for improvement. One issue was spark plug wire and header clearance - or, rather, the lack of it. "No matter how many layers of insulation I'd put on, I kept burning spark plug wires. And changing just the driver's side plugs would take over an hour and cost you some skin off your knuckles," he explained.

The turbo's crossover pipe also kept blowing apart at the slip-fit connection so he knew the backpressure bogeyman was still around. A couple of friends were running turbo systems fabricated by Rusty's Total Performance in Tucson that "were pretty much perfect right out of the box," so he started socking away greenbacks once again.

The current turbo system was done in September, 2004. "Rusty built one of his standard single-turbo driver's side mount turbo systems using the existing turbocharger, HKS blow-off valve and TiAL 35mm wastegate. I also supplied the huge front-mount intercooler from Mental Addiction Motorsports." If you've been wondering, the fuel system is by Modular Mustang Racing and can support 1,000 horsepower, Trent says. "So far, I'm fairly pleased with the AEM engine management system. This EMS controls my boost based on vehicle speed or throttle, turns my Mark VIII fan on and off and activates the two-step with anti-lag feature. Changing boost settings, timing and fuel is very simple."

A month after the new turbo was done, Kendall took the car to the track and ran a new best of 10.25 @ 141 mph. "Needless to say, I was extremely pleased. I drove the car to the track and drove it home, of course. So with the addition of the new kit I had gained 10 mph in the quarter mile with 2 psi less boost!

The new turbo system from Rusty Total Performance is obviously extremely efficient compared to the old kit.

"Unfortunately on the way home from the track, I rolled into the throttle in third gear and when the boost hit, the Tremec TKO went boom! I bought a TKO900 Transmission from Mark Luton at Modular Mustang Racing and it has worked out great. I installed it just in time to get my butt kicked in the Fun Ford Weekend drag radial class at the Phoenix event in November 2004. But, it was fun racing against some of the big drag radial cars in my street car.

In January 2005 I organized and competed in the Arizona's Quickest Street Car Challenge. My car made a best pass of 10.363 @ 138 mph on Hoosier DOT slicks. I placed second in the Quick Street Class.