Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 4, 2013

"Anything that doesn't cost money, I've done it," Jacob added. "Just in the clutch setup, I don't know how many hours in taking it apart, putting it back together, just to see what works."

Any racer worth a racing suit knows an engine alone doesn't make a winning combination—it's the whole package. These guys don't leave any nut, bolt, or rotating component alone. Of course in Coyote Stock, racers can't touch the engine or the tune. However, everything else is fair game. And since he's a production manager/machinist by trade, he has the wherewithal to explore all performance options, and he will, to eek out every little hundreth.

To that end, for 2013, Jacob has changed over from the TKO to a g-Force T5. Again, in searching for every little hundreth, he heard the T5 is worth at least a tenth so that's the move he's gotta explore. The reason he made the transmission swap, and other performance enhancements is he wants to better his points finishing position from 2012. Of the five Coyote Stock racers in 2012, Jacob finished fifth in points.

Reconfiguring the '86 took half of 2012, so if he's able to make every race in 2013, there's no doubt he'll improve his finishing position. He wants to make every race to shoot for a championship, but being a one-man band, he's gotta take it one race at a time. He doesn't have an official sponsor, but he has someone willing to help out a bit with funding.

So 2013 is all about winning the money to make the next race, and earning the points to improve upon that fifth place finish. 5.0

Horse Sense: We've known Jacob Lamb for a few years now. We first met him when he competed in the ‘06 King of the Street competition ("Royal Rumble," May '07, p. 40).

Jacob and his friend Squeak Gay installed the car’s 12-point cage with Wolfe Racecraft through-the-floor frame connectors, and Jacob has to replace the dash panel you see here with a factory dash, per NMRA requirements, The NMRA gave him a waiver for a couple races, but that has run out so a factory dash will be in the car when you see it at an NMRA race in 2013 and beyond. Rob Hartness and Brian McFarland are Jacob’s primary help at the track.

5.0 Tech Specs
Engine and Drivetrain
Forged steel
Forged steel
Twin Independent Variable
Cylinder heads
Aluminum DOHC w/ four valves per cylinder, variable intake and exhaust camshaft timing
Intake manifold
Tuned composite w/ stock 80mm throttle body, and C&L Performance air intake
Fuel system
Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump w/ Aeromotive regulator, -10 feed, -8 return fuel lines, and stock rails
Kooks long-tube headers w/ Flowmaster mufflers
G-Force T5 w/ Quiktime bellhousing, Ram clutch, Long shifter, and Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
8.8-in w/ Moser 35-spline axles, Moser spool (Lightened by Jacob), and Richmond 4.56 gears (Lightened by Jacob)
Engine management
Ford Racing Control Pack w/ Ford Racing calibration
Stock, MSD 2-Step
Auto Meter Ultra-Lite
Suspension and Chassis
Front suspension
UPR Products
Anthony Jones Engineering
Anthony Jones Engineering
Anthony Jones Engineering
Strange Engineering
Mickey Thompson
Mickey Thompson ET
Rear suspension
Strange Engineering single-adjustable
Stock V-8
Control Arms
Anthony Jones Engineering
Strange Engineering
Mickey Thompson 15x10-in
Mickey Thompson ET Drag slicks, 26x10-in