Dale Amy
October 24, 2012

Homegrown Remedies

To say that Alex Ortner put some custom touches into his GT/RR is a massive understatement. Here's a list of the custom bits that make his ride special:

• Splitter--carbon-fiber with billet- aluminum bracing and titanium tow hooks
• Carbon, aluminum, and magnesium front-splitter support rods
• Billet-aluminum rear-wing supports with different geometry than delivered
• Carbon-fiber wing end-plates
• Completely "boxed-in" intercooler, radiator, oil cooler for optimum cooling in aluminum
• Trimmed front fascia to core support in aluminum for air control and aesthetics
• Grilles--upper and lower in lightweight aluminum
• Rear diffuser with side-diffuser extensions made from Sintra
• Vented rear bumper cover with grille above diffuser
• Air deflectors on all four wheels made from Sintra
• Carbon-fiber Canard winglets
• X Chassis brace from K-member to radiator support/sway bar mounts, billet-aluminum
• Watt's-link billet differential cover with 18mm titanium pivot pin and integral spacer; titanium and aluminum mounts for
billet-aluminum arms, with stainless rose joints with a urethane bushing at one end
• K-member-to-frame aluminum reinforcement
• Billet-aluminum rear sway-bar mounts with urethane bushing
• Billet-aluminum front sway-bar mounts with urethane bushing
• Motor mounts, 3/4-inch lower than OEM, billet-aluminum and urethane
• Ceramic-coated stock exhaust manifolds
• Crankcase vacuum system/breather tank/oil separator
• Adjustable crankcase vacuum valve mounted on supercharger
• Billet oil filler and crank-case vent
• Aluminum intercooler reservoir located in stock battery area
• Porsche Brembo mono-block rear calipers, rebuilt and powdercoated red
• Billet-aluminum rear-caliper mounts with floating mount to prevent pad "knock-back"
• Wilwood disc hand-brake calipers mounted on custom billet brackets
• Brake ducts with "sealed" aluminum backing plates
• Relocated fusebox and ECU
• Block-mounted remote oil filter/coolant hose adapter plate, billet-aluminum
• Remote oil-filter mount, billet- aluminum
• Access door in driver-side front fender for remote oil filter
• Hood struts--titanium tube and carbon-fiber rod
• Washer nozzles
• Fuel-tank breather replaces EVP system, lightweight aluminum tank and vent
• NASCAR-inspired billet-magnesium shift lever
• Magnesium front-bumper reinforcement
• Sealed rear seat/trunk pass-through with aluminum bulkhead
• Seat/trunk pass-through carpeted and trimmed to look OEM when seats are down
• Battery moved to rear with circuit breaker
• Black powdercoated Denzo alternator
• Titanium lug nuts
• Custom fuel-pump wiring
• Billet pedal covers and dead pedal
• Carbon hand-brake handle
• Delrin single-gauge pod
• Aeroforce digital OPDM gauge with custom carbon gauge face
• Aluminum baffle shield for airbox
• Billet fuel-pressure port adapter for mechanical fuel-pressure gauge

Department of Boost

Obviously the car is a calling card for Department of Boost's supercharger kits. Here's what's included in the box:

• Department of Boost billet intake manifold
• Bell intercooler core with billet tanks, 10x5x5-inch
• Frankentensioner double OEM belt tensioner
• Billet-aluminum alternator and idler pulley mount
• OEM GT500 2010 Eaton supercharger
• OEM GT500 throttle body
• OEM 2010 GT500 air-filter housing
• OEM GT500 mass air
• OEM GT500 fuel rails
• OEM GT500 52-lb/hr injectors
• OEM GT500 fuel pumps
• OEM GT500 intercooler water pump mounted to reservoir
• Custom fuel line to rails
• Aluminum heat exchanger, 24x9x1.5-inch with -12 AN fittings

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5.0 Tech Specs

'10 GT/RR

Engine and Drivetrain
Block Stock
Crankshaft Stock
Rods Stock
Pistons Stock
Camshafts Stock
Cylinder Heads Stock Three-Valve
Intake Manifold Department of Boost, billet aluminum
Power Adder 2010 GT500 (Eaton M122) Roots supercharger
Fuel System GT500 pumps w/ GT500 injectors, and GT500 rails
Exhaust Magnaflow crossover w/ Pypes Super System
Transmission Stock with SPEC Stage II+ clutch
Rearend Stock

Engine management Stock, tuned by Paul's High Performance
Ignition Stock
Gauges Stock w/ SunPro boost

Suspension and Chassis
Front Suspension
K-member Stock
A-Arms Stock w/ billet rear bushing supports
Struts Multimatic
Springs Multimatic
Brakes 14-inch Girodisc floating rotors, aluminum hats
Wheels 20x9.5-in TSW Interlagos, forged
Tires Nitto Invo, 275/35R-20
Rear Suspension
Shocks Multimatic
Springs Multimatic
Control Arms Stock w/ J&M Polyball bushings
Brakes 14-inch Baer floating rotors w/ Porsche Brembo mono-block calipers
Wheels 20x10.5-in TSW Interlagos, forged
Tires Nitto Invo, 315/35R-20