Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
February 1, 2012
Photos By: Steve Turner

Ask the majority of the Mustang nation what model represents the pinnacle of the Fox era and 99.9-percent will answer with the '93 Cobra. After all, there aren't many Fox Mustangs out there without a '93 Cobra mod on it somewhere. Whether it's the intake, wheels, grille, rear spoiler, what have you, Ford and the SVT engineers definitely saved the best Fox for last with the '93 Cobra. We'll even argue that any modified Fox Mustang has something from the '93 Cobra parts bin on the car somewhere. That's how highly thought of the '93 Cobra is among Mustang fans.

With '93 Cobra prices still out of reach of many Fox fans, the next best thing is to have a '93 Cobra gear on their Fox. For Des Plaines, Illinois' Glenn Surman, his '93 Cobra canvas came in the form of a '90 GT, which is how this car started its life. "Ever since I got my driver's license, I always wanted a Fox Mustang," Glenn says. He's always liked the style and performance of the Fox Mustang.

"I've had this car since April of 2000," Glenn explained. "The car was 100-percent stock and original when I bought it, down to the factory air silencer," he adds. Even though it was only 10 years old at the time, finding any Fox Mustang with a fully operational air silencer is like finding a job that pays you millions for sitting around--it just doesn't happen. "One thing I really liked about it was that it was a one-owner car and 100-percent stock and original," Glenn added.

Of course, it didn't stay that way long after Glenn got his paws on it. He started with the usual bolt-ons, like a full exhaust, a shifter, a cold-air kit, and the like. Then a friend of his started parting out a '93 Cobra. Glenn scooped up the Cobra's interior and miscellaneous exterior parts. Whatever parts he couldn't source from the parts car lead him to scour online ads to complete the metamorphosis.

Then came the engine problems. The stock engine's oil pump seized, which necessitated a new long-block with better-than-stock heads and camshaft, and with, you guessed it, a Cobra intake. Glenn continued to upgrade the car's performance whenever funds would allow it.

With the car's mechanical condition in check, the car's paint started to show a little age. Since Glenn works in the automotive finishes field, he felt he had the knowledge and skill to repaint the car himself. "I really liked the color-shifting paint from the '96 Mystic Cobra," he says. He found almost an exact twin to Mystic within Dupont's Chromalusion line of paint, so that's the direction he took.

"I sprayed the car with this paint and couldn't be happier with the outcome," Glenn says. "I was officially hooked on the hobby of Mustangs, and kept adding more and more parts to the car."

With the exterior back in line, Glenn once again turned his attention to the mechanical side of things. Glenn wanted the car's power to match that of the exterior. He added a D.S.S. Racing 331ci Pro Bullet long-block, and had fun with that for a while. However, he became used to that power, and when he came across a deal on Vortech V2 SQ-Trim supercharger, he jumped on it. Glenn had the supercharger, Anderson Ford Motorsport B-31 blower cam, new head gaskets, and other performance components, installed at Dynotune MP and, "have been impressed with the performance, as it pushed 488 rwhp and 444 lb-ft of torque on a Dynojet."

From start to finish, Glenn says he always wanted a comfortable and fast street car, as well as a one-of-a-kind Mustang. During the car's build, his goal always included keeping the car fully optioned, and not gutting it.

"It is a full weight car at 3,350 pounds, it still has power steering, all power options, and the factory A/C is intact," Glenn says. "I really like that I can tighten up the Strange shocks and struts. With the Cobra wheels, the car handles and performs really tight on the street and around corners, and just barrels down the highway thanks to the Fifth gear overdrive TKO transmission," he says, "but when I want some straight-line drag racing done at the track, I can loosen up the shocks, throw on my Weld Draglites with slicks and skinnys, lift the front tires off the ground, and go through the traps at 123 mph." 5.0

Horse Sense: Dynotune MP, where Glenn had some of the car's mechanicals handled, is located in the suburbs of Chicago, and handles both pushrod- and Modular-powered Mustang builds. Dynotune MP has experience with DiabloSport, SCT, Anderson Ford Motorsport's PMS, FAST, and Big Stuff 3.

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5.0 Tech Specs

Engine and Drivetrain
Block Stock roller block, Federal Mogul/Sealed Power bearings
Crankshaft D.S.S. Racing stroker
Rods Forged I-beam w/ARP rod bolts
Pistons D.S.S. Racing Pro-Lite w/Speed Pro moly rings
Camshafts Anderson Ford Motorsport B-31
Cylinder heads Edelbrock Victor Jr. w/1.6 roller rockers
Intake manifold GT-40 ported lower w/sheetmetal upper
Power Adder Vortech V2 SQ supercharger w/Anderson Ford Motorsport Power Pipe and belt adjuster
Fuel system 255-lph in-tank pump w/Vortech T-Rex inline fuel pump, 42-lb/hr injectors, and adjustable fuel- pressure regulator
Exhaust Anderson Ford Motorsport/Bassani Xhaust 1-3/4-in short-tube headers w/MAC H-pipe, Bassani Xhaust after-cat with Borla Pro XS mufflers
Transmission Tremec TKO, Lakewood bellhousing w/King Cobra pressure plate, McLeod clutch disk, billet steel flywheel, Steeda Autosports Tri-Ax shifter, and FRPP aluminum driveshaft
Rearend 8.8-in w/3.73 gears, Strange Engineering differential and 33-spline axles with C-clip eliminators, and HD rearend cover

Engine management EEC-IV w/Dynotune MP tune
Ignition MSD 6AL
Gauges Florida 5.0 gauge cluster, Auto Meter Ultra Lite gauges, FRPP pillar pod, Raptor shift light

Suspension and Chassis
Front Suspension
K-member Stock
A-arms Ford Racing Performance Parts
Struts Strange Engineering 10-way adjustable
Springs Eibach Drag Launch
Brakes Power Slot rotors w/Raybestos pads, metal caliper sleeves, and stainless steel brake lines
Wheels '93 Cobra chrome
Tires BFG g-Force T/A 245/45

Rear Suspension
Shocks Strange Engineering 10-way adjustable
Springs Ground Zero/PST
Control Arms Maximum Motorsports lowers and FRPP uppers
Brakes Stock drum, Raybestos brake shoes
Wheels '93 Cobra replica 17x8-1/2-in
Tires Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial 275/40