Michael Johnson Associate Editor
July 26, 2011
Photos By: Kevin Dunn

A past King of the Street competitor, Jake's Cobra is a mechanical marvel. Jake runs a dual fuel system on his twin-turbocharged car, switching from 87-octane to E85 under boost. Knowing E85 was available back home in Dallas gave Kevin the idea to make the switch to corn. At that time, E85 was new to the Dallas market, no one in the area had any expertise with corn. Luckily, Kevin does his own tuning, so he decided to give it a shot and see what happened.

E85 requires upgraded fuel system components. Although Kevin had already made fuel system improvements, it takes more E85 volume compared to gas. Therefore, he swapped the existing 60-lb/hr injectors for FRPP 80-lb/hr units and hit the street. "I ran out of fuel at 6,000 rpm while datalogging, so I decided to add a Kenne Bell Boost-a-Pump," Kevin says. He bumped up base fuel pressure to 50 psi and made another run around the block. With the larger injectors, Boost-a-Pump, and increased fuel pressure, Kevin was able to run it up to 6,600 rpm with room to spare.

With the E85 conversion sorted out, Kevin has been able to help others with their own conversions. E85 conversions have become so popular, website SVTPerformance.com started a new section catering to the E85 crowdùThe Distillery, for alternative fuels. "I was quickly nominated to become Moderator, which I accepted and continue to help people to this day," Kevin says. He has also written several how-to threads, but strangely enough, his most popular has been How to Polish Your Exhaust. We suppose everyone has a different version of "simple."

Anyway, Kevin's goal for his Cobra is to keep it simple. "Clean, tasteful mods with lots of torque and power, and stock driveability. That's exactly what the car is."

5.0 Tech Specs

Engine And Drivetrain

Block 4.6 iron

Crank Stock

Rods Stock Manley

Pistons Stock

Cams Stock

Cylinder Heads Stock

Intake Manifold Stock

Throttle Body BilletFlow

Mass Air Stock, DiabloSport MAFia, Metco Motorsports carbon-fiber heat shield

Power Adder Whipple 2.3-liter Gen 2 supercharger w/Reichard Racing 2.6-in pulley, 22 pounds of boost, LFP heat exchanger, LDC Chicago stainless steel heat-exchanger guard, Metco Motorsports Solution double-bearing idlers, and Metco tensioner brace

Fuel System Fore Precision Works fuel hat w/twin Ford GT fuel pumps, dual FPDMs, Kenne Bell Boost-a-Pump, Ford Racing Performance Parts 80-lb/hr injectors, and Eaton Aeroquip FC-350 -8 fuel lines

Exhaust Stock Manifolds w/Magnaflow X-shape crossover pipe, and Borla Cat-Back

Transmission T-56 six-speed w/D&D Performance 26-spline input shaft, Lethal Performance throw-out bearing retainer and sleeve, McLeod RXT clutch, MGW shifter, Fiore firewall adjuster and quadrant

Rearend Stock IRS w/3.55 gears, BilletFlow IRS brace, and differential brace


Engine Management Stock computer, owner-tuned using SCT Pro Racer Package X-Cal II Programmer with an Innovate Motorsports LC-1 wideband

Gauges Stock w/Speed of Sound pillar pod, Speed Hut boost/vacuum and wideband, and Hilton High-Boost gauge overlay

Chassis And Suspension

Front Suspension

K-member Stock

Struts Bilstein

Springs Stock, cut

Caster/Camber Maximum Motorsports

Brakes Stock

Wheels True Forged Victory 18x9-in, three-piece, fully polished

Tires Goodyear GS-D3 265/35-18

Rear Suspension

Shocks Bilstein

Springs H&R Race

Brakes Stock

Wheels True Forged Victory 18x10-1/2-in, three-piece, fully-polished

Tires Goodyear GS-D3 295/35-18

Chassis Stiffening Maximum Motorsports full-length subframe connectors

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