Michael Johnson Associate Editor
June 27, 2011

Finally, if you're able to track down even half of all that stuff, to complete this piece of NMRA history, you will have to enlist someone to replace the black primer with Atomic Orange. By that time, we're sure there will be robots capable of sanding, prepping, and spraying a car, so maybe that will be easy.

Plus, not only do you have this feature to reference for sticker placement, design, and color, you have countless NMRA race features--oh wait, we cut our race coverage at Real Street during Tommy's Factory Stock reign--our bad. Anyway, to replicate said stickers, you'll need to call Hall Signs in Glen Burnie, Maryland, which made the originals.

If you've exhausted every resource and are still coming up empty, maybe one of the following people are still around. Look on Facebook 3D for Michael Washington, Justin Burcham, Rich Groh, Eric Holliday, Ryan Hecox, Bruce Hemminger, Gary Windsor, Donnie "Burndown" Burton, Shannon Murphy, and Tommy's best friend, Ryan Miller. Of course, Tommy thanked his wife, Chrissy, and children, Baeleigh and Gavin, most of all for making his championship run possible.

Since Tommy is 34 as of this writing, he may still be around by the time the car makes its grand debut after its restoration. Maybe he'll autograph the dash for you. If you're lucky, he'll jump behind the wheel and give you a 10-second history lesson..

Horse Sense: Tommy should be at the wheel of an X275 car by the time you read this. Once that program is up and running, he'll decide what to do with this car. However, he also says the proposed Coyote-engine class looks interesting...

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5.0 Tech Specs

'89 Mustang LX

Engine And Drivetrain

Block RGR-prepped Dart Iron w/4.060-in bore
Crankshaft Stock, RGR-prepped
Rods Steel I-beam
Pistons Ross, RGR-spec flat-top
Camshaft RGR custom hydraulic-roller
Cylinder Heads RGR-prepped factory stock-spec GT-40 w/Harland Sharp roller rockers and Manley valvesprings
Intake Manifold '93 Cobra, unported
Throttle Body Holley 70mm
Mass Air Pro-M 80mm w/JLT Performance cold air
Fuel System Walbro 255-lph w/stock lines and rails, 30-lb/hr injectors, and Kirban fuel pressure regulator
Exhaust 1-5/8-in Kooks long-tube headers w/Insane Racing Fabrication custom 2-in X-shape crossover pipe, Bassani mufflers and tailpipes
Transmission g-Force T5 w/SPEC clutch and Pro-5.0 shifter
Rearend 8.8-in w/4.30 gears and Moser Engineering axles


Engine Management A9L computer w/DiabloSport chip
Ignition MSD, Brisk spark plugs

Chassis and Suspension

Front Suspension
K-member Stock
Struts QA1 single-adjustable
Springs Moroso
Caster/Camber UPR Products
Brakes OEM five-lug conversion
Wheels Bogart 15x3-in Welded RT
Tires Kuhmo 165/R80-15

Rear Suspension
Shocks QA1 double-adjustable
Springs Moroso w/airbag
Control Arms HPM w/solid bushings
Brakes Stock drum
Wheels Bogart 15x10-in Welded RT
Tires BFG drag radial 275/50-15
Chassis Stiffening Insane Racing Fabrication eight-point cage and subframe connectors