Jerry Heasley
March 30, 2011

5.0 Tech Specs

’01 Bullitt GT

Engine and Drivetrain
Block Iron 4.6 block
Displacement 300 ci
Crankshaft Kellogg 3.75-in stroker crank
Rods Manley
Pistons Manley 0.020-in over pistons
Camshaft Custom-spec turbo cam by Hitech Motorsports 255/255 duration at 0.050
Cylinder Heads Fox Lake Racing Stage II Heads with Manley high-load Nextek springs
Intake Manifold Logan Motorsports forward-facing sheetmetal
Power Adder GT 4708 turbo with a Precision 0.96 T4 housing put together by Forced Inductions, with ProCharger intercooler and a custom Southside Speedshop turbo kit
Throttle Body Accufab Big Oval
Fuel System Triple Walbro 255-lph and 96-lb/hr injectors
Exhaust Southside Speedshop Forward Facing headers, 4-in downpipe, dual 3-in JBA after-cat
Transmission Liberty-built and face-plated T56
Rearend ’03 Cobra IRS with Full Tilt Boogie and Maximum Motorsports bushings, custom Southside Speedshop Hardtail subframe

Engine Management Big Stuff 3
Ignition Stock LS1 coil packs, with MSD wires and Autolite 103 plugs

Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension
K-member PA Racing Tubular K-member
Control Arms PA Racing Fox tubular A-arms
Struts Lakewood 70/30
Springs 175-lb/hr coilover
Camber Plates Stock
Brakes ’01 Bullitt calipers
Wheels 4.25-in Front Runners
Tires M&H 185/55-17

Rear Suspension
Shocks QA1 adjustable
Springs Stock ’03 Cobra rears with one coil cut
Control Arms Stock ’03 Cobra
Brakes EBC Yellow Stuff pads and zinc-coated rotors
Wheels 1 of 23 sets of the original deep-dish ’03-’04 Cobra wheels with 10.5-in rears
Tires Mickey Thompson 315/35-17 E/T Street radials
Chassis Stiffening Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors and a Custom Southside Speedshop five-point rollbar with removable doorbar