Michael Johnson Associate Editor
February 14, 2011

About this time, Robby met Donnie Salem, owner of Boosted Performance [(704) 896-3339] in Mooresville, North Carolina, and former King of the Street competitor. Robby knew of Donnie from reading about him in 5.0&SF, but Robby also found out Donnie was a pretty nice guy, too. That personality trait made it easy for Robby to send his new S197 to Donnie's for a Vortech S-Trim supercharger install. Robby enjoyed the 465 hp at the wheels, but also knew that was close to the limit of a stock bottom end Three-Valve.

You probably know what happened next. Realizing the Three-Valve's limitations, Robby got to thinking. Of course, Donnie was helping to throw Robby over the edge on going for a Terminator, but Robby needed little encouragement. The search was on for an '03-'04 Cobra, but an '04 with that special color was Robby's top choice. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to find a reasonably priced Mystichrome, but he was able to find a Sonic Blue example, to which Donnie added a Whipple 2.3-liter supercharger, 60-lb/hr injectors, a new clutch, and other supporting equipment. The result was 601 hp and 598 lb-ft of torque.

"Needless to say, I had never felt anything like it," Robby says. "A 500hp Fox is awesome, but this thing had torque that would spin Third gear at will." As a result, the S197 went down the road. "Suddenly, I knew what all the fuss was about with these cars," Robby adds.

Once again, time kept going, and Robby's friends knew he was always on the lookout for another Mustang, especially a good deal. One day before leaving the office, Robby gave the "Terminator-Buy/Sell" section on SVTperformance.com a refresh. "What I saw would seem like a dream coming true," Robby says. He had to hit the refresh button again to make sure it was for real. The new ad stated, "2004 Mystichrome KB Cobra, 43K, one owner, garage kept."

Robby couldn't even type he was so excited. In an instant his memory shot back to the first time he saw a Mystichrome Cobra. "By the next day, I had the deposit sent while trying to ward off many others who were also after the car," he says. Luckily for Robby, he was first in line. Was it fate? Robby thinks so. Whatever it was, he finally had his car.

As the ad stated, the Mystichrome already featured a Kenne Bell 2.6H supercharger, which had been installed by Modular Powerhouse when they were still just outside of Atlanta. However, the Mystichrome had an appointment with Boosted Performance for many of its current upgrades. Donnie performed some maintenance on the car, and Robby does note that a Kenne Bell Mammoth 2.8 purchased for another customer's car was tempting, but in the end, it was decided to stick with the 2.6H and upgrade everything around it to maximize its output. Robby's Mystichrome makes 615 hp and 698 lb-ft of torque at the feet.

To say Robby is happy with his Mystichrome would be an understatement. Every time he rolls through the gears, he's taken back to his Sunday afternoon rides in his dad's '65 Mustang. "I can only hope that my kids, Titus and Tessa, will take with them a part of history like I have," Robby says. "And yes, they love the smell of tire smoke." Sounds like Robby might've found the Mustang that could keep him from saying next. Maybe ...