Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
August 26, 2010

"Ford did a superb job of fine tuning its chassis and suspension components for the '10," Bob explained. "All in all, there were many minor changes that it made-some apparent to the casual onlooker-others not so apparent but, nonetheless, that when combined together resulted in a significant change. We took into consideration all of its changes and then further upgraded our suspension components to further up the ante in the performance arena."

As you learned in the intro, the full-tilt Steeda suspension works like a champ, but what's more impressive-as we've found with our own Steeda-suspended project-is the ride quality. Though this car makes a big visual statement with huge HRE Monoblock P40 rims and rubber-band Nittos, it rides smoothly and quietly. Sure there's a bit more of an edge there, but if you didn't know the car's capabilities, the ride wouldn't give them away.

What's underhood is a bit more obvious. Turning the key the brawny Three-Valve growls to life and takes a minute to find its happy place. After that, the idle is smooth, but the exhaust is robust. It doesn't shake or drone, but you know it's got some oats, 690 hp and 640 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel to be precise. Despite its performance character, the blower's auditory personality takes a back seat to the engine's mechanical symphony, but when the boost starts cooking, it comes alive.

While the Three-Valve 5.0 foreshadows the forthcoming Coyote-powered Steedas, these cars are mainly about showcasing the hardware they are built on.

"At Steeda Autosports we recognize that some customers will want to build their own vehicle to their own taste, timing, and budget," Bob said. "While it will be far more beneficial from a financial perspective to buy one of our serialized vehicles where we package the body kit and performance components together, as in the past, we will not restrict sales of these components to our loyal Ford performance customers."

If you decide you want something the caliber of the Steeda StreetFighter, it will naturally build you one. You certainly won't be disappointed.

Street Styling
There is no shortage of aftermarket body panels available to set your Mustang apart from the crowd. However, when it came time to take on the '10-and-up Mustang, Steeda wanted a cohesive upgrade that performed as well as it looked. "Simply an outstanding performance-bred design appearance that complements the natural lines of the Ford Mustang with no compromises," Bob said of the goal. "It is important to our customers that the DNA that Ford instills in the Mustang and the Steeda race-bred DNA work in complete harmony together."

To make that happen, they used computer-aided design to work with the data provided by Ford. "All of our body components must have a performance attribute, or else they are just dead weight and simply are not needed on the vehicle. From the front fascia (that provides downforce and enhanced cooling for the brakes, oil cooler, and radiator) to the Steeda hood (that outperforms and out flows all other hoods in exhausting the hot air from the engine compartment) to the rear spoiler (that provides downforce and the smoothest slipstream), the Steeda bodywork has no equal in the wind tunnel or the racetrack!"