Dale Amy
March 9, 2010

Still, he isn't done. "The next thing on the list is the rearend," says Chris. "With the stock rearend on drag radials, I've been able to run a 12.0 at 119 mph, still pedaling it off the line, with the density altitude at 7,500 feet. I know with more seat time and a built rearend the car will be in the high 10s here in Albuquerque, where our density altitude is always around 7,000 feet. Nnot too bad for a car with everything including the A/C still in it."

You've gotta admire his persistence and attitude in letting neither altitude nor a rash of broken parts slow him down.

5.0 Tech Specs
Engine and Drivetrain
Block Stock
Bore 3.572-inch
Stroke 3.750-inch
Displacement 306 ci
Crankshaft Forged stroker
Rods Mahle
Pistons CP
Camshaft VT Stage 2 blower cams
Heads Livernois Stage 2, CNC-ported
Intake Fox Lake P-51
Power Adder ProCharger D-1SC, currently at 9 psi; 3.4-inch pulley
Throttle Body BBK 75mm
Mass Air PMAS Velocity
Injectors Bosch 60-lb/hr
Fuel Pump Aeromotive A1000
Headers Bassani mid-length
Exhaust MAC X-shaped crossover; Borla after-cat
Transmission D&D T-56 six-speed
Clutch SPEC 3+
Rearend 3.73:1 gearset

Engine Management Stock, with SCT X3/Motiva Performance Engineering tune
Ignition Stock
Gauges Auto Meter

Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension
K-member UPR tubular
Control arms UPR tubular
Springs UPR coilovers
Struts Tokico five-way
Caster/Camber Maximum Motorsports
Brakes Brembo rotors; Hawk ceramic pads
Wheels TSW Thruxton, 18x8
Tires BFG KDW, 275/35R-18
Rear Suspension
Springs Bullitt
Shocks Tokico five-way
Control arms Steeda
Brakes Brembo rotors; Hawk ceramic pads
Wheels TSW Thruxton, 18x9.5
Tires BFG KDW, 295/40R-18