Mike Yoksich
January 15, 2010

Ford Racing came to Dave to get some help with the Cobra Jet suspensions, and everything that has been learned with the Cobra Jet program was applied to this Mustang GT. A Cobra Jet 9-inch rear axle assembly, with Strange Pro race axles and a Strange lightweight spool with Strange Pro Gear 4:10 ring and pinion, supplanted the stock 8.8-inch rear. Team Z narrowed it to 63.27 inches and developed Cobra Jet Suspension package's adjustable upper control arm and bracket tubular lower control arms and antiroll bar with adjustable links.

These Mustangs drew a crowd when Ford had them at Milan Dragway NMRA Nationals in Milan, Michigan. Derek got the Blue Mustang in the 10-second range with a best run of 10.88. It was turning a lot of heads with its perfect stance, great wheels and tires, and it's super-clean exterior.

It's possible to make a Mustang GT run in the '10s for less money, but doing it cheap wasn't the goal-rather, the goal was to showcase the potential of this '10 Mustang combo.

With robust drive line there's room to grow this package. When Dan Millen tuned the engine with just 11 pounds of boost, the aforementioned combination laid down 510 hp at the rear wheels effortlessly through the auto trans. That's great power, but there's easy power to be had with pulley and tuning changes. It could be the perfect dual-purpose street/strip Mustang GT, and one that can be ordered right from the pages of the FRPP catalog.

Build Your Own
If you would like to do build you own version of this car, here's a list of parts that were used to get this one together. First, you need a 2010 Mustang GT. Once you've got that handled, you'll need these bits:

Ford Racing 4.6 Aluminator SOHC V-8$4,500
FRPP/Whipple 500hp supercharger kit$6,995
Livernois Motorsports Stage 3 CNC cylinder heads$2,899
Ford Racing Hot Rod camshafts$850
Ford Racing coated cam covers $269
Cometic MLS head gaskets $200
ARP head studs$383
Innovators West SFI balancer$425
Ford Racing Three-Valve long-tube headers$1,325
Custom-built three-speed automatic C4 transmission w/transbrake$2,000
Neal Chance torque converter $1,500
TCI Street Fighter shifter $229
Custom one-piece driveshaft $700
Cobra Jet driveshaft loop $139
Cobra Jet rear suspension kit $995
Cobra Jet 9-inch rear axle assembly$2,799
QA1 adjustable shocks and struts w/custom-valved coilovers$1,395
Cobra Jet 15x4-inch front wheels$990
Cobra Jet 15x10-inch rear wheels $1,170
Goodyear 15-inch front runners$350
Goodyear 15-inch rear slicks$350
Team-Z Motorsports custom six-point roll bar$1,200
Cobra Jet 5-inch shiftlight tach $329
RJS five-point harnesses$500

5.0 Tech Specs
Engine and Drivetrain
Block Ford Racing's Aluminator 4.6-liter
Displacement 281 ci
Rods Manley H-beam connecting
Crankshaft Kellog forged-steel eight-bolt
Pistons Mahle low-compression forged
Camshafts Ford Racing Mustang GT high-lift Hot Rod
Heads Livernois Motorsports Stage 3 CNC-ported Three-Valve
Intake FRPP/Whipple
Power Adder FRPP/Whipple 500hp supercharger with Reichard Racing 3.2-inch pulley
Exhaust Ford Racing Three-Valve long-tube headers
Transmission Custom built three-speed automatic C4 transmission with a Neal Chance torque converter
Rearend Cobra Jet 9-inch rear axle assembly w/Strange Pro race axles, Strange lightweight spool, and Strange Pro Gear 4:10 gears

Engine Management Custom tuned by Livernois Motorsports
Gauges Cobra Jet 5-inch shift-light tach

Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension
Springs QA1 coilovers
Struts QA1 adjustable
Front Brakes GT disc
Wheels Cobra Jet 15x4-inch
Tires Goodyear 15-inch front-runners Rear Suspension
Control Arms Cobra Jet suspension kit featuring adjustable upper control arm and bracket, tubular lowers with urethane bushings, and antiroll bar with adjustable links
Springs QA1 coilover
Shocks QA1 coilover
Brakes GT disc
Wheels Cobra Jet 15x10-inch
Tires Goodyear 15-inch slicks