November 1, 2009

As if to prove the point, Brett chucked his carb long ago, installed a later A9L EEC-IV processor with corresponding fuel-injection hardware, and has never looked back. The car's current power combo consists of a Vortech SQ-blown 306, gulping up to 13 psi of boost with help from a GT-40 intake, Holley SysteMAX heads, and a FRPP E303 cam. Teamed with a T5 and 3.73 gears out back, the powertrain delivers 12.5s at 118 with its current rubber-band rolling stock. Similar prior drivetrains yielded mid-11s on slicks, so the current big-inch styling clearly isn't the ticket for hooking up. You might say image has its price, but we'll bet Brett doesn't have to look far for some lighter weight material should priorities change.

Moving inside finds a pristine, nearly stock interior that rewinds the calendar over two decades. While the '87-'93 guts were a notable improvement in style and quality, we applaud Brett for not falling to the temptation of upgrading to a more current vibe. The period-correct layout is seldom seen, and gives the GT a good measure of its unique identity. Our favorite part of the interior may well be the factory sport seats and steering wheel, both of which hold their own aesthetically with any Mustang combination since.

The stock theme understandably falls apart in the rear hatch area, where one of Creationz custom stereo systems is artfully placed in a color coordinating floor enclosure. Three U Dimension Pro amps are housed here. One feeds the centrally mounted 13-inch Focal subwoofer, and the others power the remaining Focal speakers throughout. Such high-end sounds are a big part of Creationz's business, and even driving with the windows down and the T-tops off, this system clearly has no trouble being heard.

In the end, it would seem Brett has accomplished any and all goals he might have had for a hot Mustang in this super sanitary four-eyed Fox. While it's no race car, it serves regular Street-Legal Drags duty nonetheless. It could be a show car, but despite landing numerous awards, Brett has clearly demonstrated a commitment to driving. The GT logically acts as a rolling advertisement for the capabilities of Brett's shop, and yet most of all, he built the car for himself-with a uniqueness that assures this one won't be confused with any other. That Brett's wife enjoys it too, well, that must surely be the icing on the cake!