Michael Johnson Associate Editor
October 1, 2009

David turned his attention to the engine bay with fresh paint before dropping in the Cobra's new tenant. With all the wiring and corresponding '03-'04 Cobra pieces in place, installing the engine and transmission was not as labor-intensive as getting the car ready for the engine installation. Once the engine and transmission were bolted together, and everything was plugged in, the engine started on the first hit, and according to David, "It idled great." Though he's still tinkering with minor issues, David "finished" the car in May of 2008.

With the Cobra on the road, David loves to take it to cruise-ins and shows and watch people walk by the car. "At first," he says, "you see people think it's another '94-'95 Cobra. As they pass by the engine bay, they stop and stare."

5.0 Tech Specs
1994 Cobra
Engine and Drivetrain
Block Stock '04 Cobra iron
Bore 3.55
Stroke 3.54
Displacement 281 ci
Rotating Assembly Stock Cobra crankshaft, rods, and pistons
Camshafts Stock '04 Cobra
Heads Stock '04 Cobra
Intake Stock '04 Cobra, ported lower
Power Adder '04 Cobra Eaton supercharger, Stiegemeier Stage 5-plus ported, BilletFlow 2.76-inch upper pulley, 4-pound lower pulley ring, 15-17 pounds of boost, Afco heat exchanger
Throttle Body Accufab
Mass Air Meter SCT 2800, JLT Performance cold-air
Fuel System '04 Cobra fuel tank, Fore Precision Works fuel hat, twin Ford GT fuel pumps, '04 Cobra fuel lines and rails, 60-lb/hr injectors
Exhaust MAC long-tube headers, UPR Products X-style crossover pipe, MAC after-cat with Flowpath mufflers and stainless tailpipes
Transmission '04 Cobra T56, SPEC Stage 3-plus clutch with aluminum flywheel, '04 Cobra aluminum driveshaft Rearend
8.8, 3.55 gears, Strange Engineering 31-spline axles, 31-spline Traction-Lok with '04 Cobra clutches, '04 Cobra pinion flange

Engine Management Stock '04 Cobra computer, with SCT tune by RWTD
Ignition Stock '04 Cobra, NGK TR7 spark plugs
Gauges '04 Cobra gauge cluster, Aeroforce Scan gauge,
Dynojet wideband

Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension
K-member PA Racing tubular
Control arms '04 Cobra
Springs Saleen
Struts '04 Cobra Bilstein
Caster/Camber Maximum Motorsports
Brakes '04 Cobra, Hydraboost
Wheels Saleen 18x9-inch
Tires BFGoodrich g-Force 265/35-18
Rear Suspension
Springs Saleen
Shocks Stock '94 Cobra
Control arms Factory Five Racing uppers and lowers
Brakes '94 Cobra
Wheels Saleen 18x10-inch
Tires Mickey Thompson E/T Street radial 315/30-18