Rod Short
July 1, 2009
Rick Townsend drives the street car for Team Garrett, which looks nearly identical to the other 6-second machine driven by Ron Lummus. He made it to the bracket semifinals in a class with nearly 60 entries at FFW Atlanta.

Takin' It To The Streets
While Bothwell Motorsports and Team Garrett have had great success with their Outlaw 10.5 program, they've also put time and effort into developing a turbo package for street-Mustang enthusiasts that's now available through select distributors. With Ron Townsend behind the wheel, a near identical street clone debuted at FFW Atlanta in Street Ford and made it all the way to the semifinals for a rather impressive debut.

With twin GT2860 ball-bearing turbos, Team Garrett's street machine develops 430-plus horsepower with just 9 pounds of boost, which is enough to propel the car deep into the 11s - 10s are within the realm of possibility.

"This Mustang uses a special prototype twin-turbo kit that Garrett put together," Ron says about the car. "It uses twin GT28R water-cooled, ball-bearing turbochargers with internal wastegates that can produce over 500 hp. The car uses stock engine internals with an air-to-air, front-mount intercooler and a specially calibrated chip. The result is an essentially stock car that's streetable, yet still capable of running 11.50s at almost 120 mph on pump gas. It's a real blast - I'm looking forward to getting one for myself!"