Rod Short
July 1, 2009
A single RacePak UltraDash monitor greatly simplifies the uncluttered dash, while a massive Garrett liquid-to-air intercooler dominates the passenger side of the driver's compartment.

With just a handful of appearances scheduled for the remainder of the season, Bothwell Motorsports and Team Garrett appear to have gotten the most out of their marketing budget. Talk of making a championship run somewhere in 2009 has everyone looking toward this season. "Garrett is an unbelievably great sponsor, and our team is made up of a bunch of great guys--all of whom are volunteers," Ron says about the year they've had. "Some people have looked at us and asked where we came from. All I can say is that we had great success in Sport Compact. We all have a passion for making cars go fast and it shows. It's been a great journey."

5.0 Tech Specs
Engine and Drivetrain

  • Block Ford Racing iron-block
  • Displacement 389 ci
  • Crankshaft Sonny Bryant
  • Rods Dyer
  • Pistons CP
  • Compression Ratio 9.7:1
  • Camshaft Crane
  • Heads Ford Racing, porting by Chapman Racing Heads
  • Intake Edelbrock
  • Power Adder Garrett turbos
  • Throttle Body Wilson Manifolds
  • Injectors RC Engineering
  • Fuel Pump DSR
  • Headers Smith Racecraft
  • Exhaust Smith Racecraft
  • Transmission Keith Neal Racing
  • Converter Marty Chance
  • Rearend Mark Williams


  • Engine Management Accel DFI
  • Ignition MSD
  • Gauges RacePak with data acquisition

Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension

  • K-Member Smith Racecraft
  • Control Arms Smith Racecraft
  • Struts Strange
  • Springs Eibach
  • Brakes Mark Williams
  • Wheels Weld
  • Tires Mickey Thompson

Rear Suspension

  • Springs Eibach
  • Shocks Afco
  • Control Arms Smith Racecraft four-link
  • Brakes Mark Williams
  • Wheels Weld
  • Tires Mickey Thompson