Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
January 1, 2009

Here at 5.0&SF HQ, we often get to drive all flavors of Mustangs. Sometimes we have them for weeks; others for just days. It was the latter when I got a crack at the latest in a long line of Roush Mustangs: the Roush Touring Car. Known as the RTC, this car combines both performance and styling flair in a package designed to turn heads. Though the RTC sports a Roushcharger blower, it leans toward the appearance end of the spectrum, and does it well.

Of course, a 435hp Mustang is no slouch in the fun department, and I enjoyed taking it on a trip to see my alma mater's football team play their cross-state rivals. My Knights lost, but I did rake in some positive comments from rival fans. En route to the game I even had two fellow 'Stang drivers give me the thumbs-up. One even whipped out his digital camera to snap a shot of the car.

Such is the power of the sleek black-and-red, two-tone paint scheme and those gorgeous Forged Chrome RR04 wheels, which remind me of a lithe, carved improvement on the stock GT500 wheel. Its sweet looks don't end on the outside, as the Roushcharger received the chrome treatment as well.

All in all, it was a blast. Sure, I'd love to have the TVS Roushcharger and Stage 3 suspension (RTCs only get springs), but if you want to be one of a select club of 200 owners to turn heads on every drive, the $52,850 RTC fits the bill.