Dale Amy
November 1, 2008
Photos By: Courtesy Of Summit Racing

With the basics covered, Summit then ramped up the breathing quotient with Trick Flow's Twisted Wedge Street heads, 1.6:1 roller rockers, and Track Heat EFI intake (which required the SN-95 adapter elbow). To provide clearance for Trick Flow's tall valve covers, a 3/8-inch spacer was used. Back on the dyno, this all added up to 275.7 rwhp and 283 lb-ft-the latter down just a fraction from stock, which is expected given a combo that favors midrange and high revs. The total gain of 79 hp over stock really brings the revitalized GT to life as the tach needle swings to the right.

This buildup is similar to the plan plotted out by typical 'Stangbangers every day. That was Summit's idea: to take a bolt-on and beautification approach to transforming a 13-year-old GT into a Pony of pride-all while theoretically still being able to make mortgage or rent payments and have enough coin left over to occasionally fill the tank.

The next stage of project 5.0 Revival recognizes that Mustangs with more than a decade of "experience"-especially those that have been hopped up-likely have internal reciprocating and rotating hardware that is beginning to succumb to the insults of age and an enthusiastic procession of heavy right feet. So, near completion as we write this is Stage Four: Fox Lake Power Products' (www.foxlakeracing.com) buildup of a 347 short-block using Summit's own rotating assembly kit. The top-end hardware remained as listed above, and it resulted in 311.1 hp and 346 lb-ft at the wheels.

It seems almost odd these days to see a large corporation's project based on a '95 GT, but it's refreshing to see a buildup that's such a rational and useful reflection of a typical Mustang enthusiast's reality. We can't all afford six-figure Mustangs. Ask me how I know.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockSummit 3.73:1 Gearset
4.03Engine Management
StrokeStock, w/ Bigshot/SCT Tune
DisplacementSummit Digital CD
Summit, Forged 4340 Steel 
Summit, Forged 4340 SteelFront Suspension
Trick Flow, ForgedControl Arms
Compression RatioStock
Trick Flow Track Max HydraulicSprings
RollerSummit Lowering Springs
0.499/0.510 Lift; 221/225 DegreesN/A
Duration At 0.050-InBrakes
HeadsSummit Extreme Performance
Trick Flow Twisted Wedge StreetCross-Drilled Rotors, Stock
Trick Flow Track Heat 5.0 EFIWheels
Power AdderAmerican Racing Killer, 18x8.5-In
Throttle BodyBFgoodrich G-Force T/A KDW,
Summit 75mm245/35ZR-18
Mass AirRear Suspension
Summit 80mmShocks
Summit 30-lb/hrSprings
Fuel PumpSummit Lowering Springs
StockControl Arms
HeadersSummit Tubular Upper And Lower
Summit 1 5/8-In, Short-TubeBrakes
ExhaustSummit Extreme Performance
Summit Off-Road H-Pipe, 2 1/2-inCross-Drilled Rotors, Stock
Exhaust w/ 3-In Polished TipsCalipers
Stock T5American Racing Killer, 18x10-In
StockBFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW,