Tom Wilson
May 19, 2008
Photos By: Guy Spangenberg
5.0 Tech Specs
3,645 lbs.Instruments
Weight distributionSaleen-faced and recalibrated
53/47 front/rearFord instrument cluster w/
Wheelbase{{{200}}}-mph speedometer, 6,000-
107.1 inrpm redline tach; boost pressure
Trackand charge cooler water temp
{{{62}}}.8/63.9 in f/rin twin gauge pod atop dash
620 hp at 6,{{{300}}} rpmSUSPENSION AND CHASSIS
TorqueFront Suspension
{{{600}}} lb-ft at 4,400 rpmFord-based MacPherson strut
 w/ Saleen gas-filled struts,
BlockRear Suspension
Aluminum FordFord-based 8.8-in w/ Saleen
Displacementgas-filled shocks, Saleen
5.0L (302 ci), 3.554x3.800-in boresprings, Saleen Watt's link,
x strokeSaleen sway bar
Rotating AssemblyBrakes
Forged stroker crank, forgedFront: 15-in slotted and vented
H-beam rods, forged pistonsrotor, six-piston Saleen-script
Camshaftscaliper; Rear: 11.8-in slotted and
Saleen-specific, blower-vented rotor
HeadsForged five-spoke 20x9 front,
CNC-ported Ford Three-Valve20x10 rear standard; Forged
Intakeseven-spoke 20x9 front, 20x10
Saleen-specific with integratedrear optional; Chrome optional
supercharger; high-flow masson all wheels
air, conical air filter, Saleen-Tires
specific airboxPirelli P-Zero Ultra High
SuperchargerPerformance 275/35ZR-20 front,
Saleen Series VI twin-screw w/305/35ZR-20 rear
water-to-air charge coolingBodywork
Fuel SystemSaleen aluminum/vented hood,
39-lb/hr fuel injectorsinjection-molded TPO fascias
Exhaustfront and rear, grille, carbon-fiber
Saleen-spec 2 1/2-inch high-flowsplitter, TPO side skirts and
w/ undercar dump tubes and on-door cladding, carbon fiber
demand center-exit tailpipes atdiffuser, rear body panel and end
high gas flowscaps, rear wing (delete option),
TransmissionHID headlamps
Tremec 6060 six-speed manual;Options
{{{GT}}} 500 shifterConvertible, w/ Speedster
Final Drivetonneau and sportbar, Scenic
8.8-in differential, 3.73:1; Saleenroof (coupe only), Saleen colors
MaxGrip limited-slip($17,000 or $18,000, depending
 on color)
Engine Management 
Saleen PowerFlash calibration, 
defeatable Ford traction control