Michael Johnson Associate Editor
June 13, 2007
Photos By: Steve Turner

We've done several features on '03-'04 Mach 1s, and we're fairly sure all of them have retained mostly stock interiors. We guess it's because the Mach 1 interior was a major reason why the car was bought in the first place. As for Tim's Mach 1, he added the essentials such as an AEM boost gauge, and AEM air/fuel meter, and a Raptor shift light. Connected to the ProMotion Powertrain-modified Tremec TKO 600 is a Pro-5.0 shifter.

Modular Madness [(941) 527-0156; www.modularmadness.com] in Bradenton, Florida, put together a solid power foundation by using an '03 Cobra iron block, a Cobra crank, Manley rods, and Mahle pistons. This combination dropped the compression ratio to 8.5:1, which is much more boost-friendly when compared to a stock Mach 1. The heads-well, they're Mach 1 Four-Valve heads, so they were simply treated to a valve job and high-rpm-capable valvetrain components. After going through a Vortech SQ S-Trim and a ProCharger F1-A supercharger, Tim settled in with a Hellion Power Systems single-turbo kit with a Turbonetics T76 unit. To make the most of the turbo kit, Modular Madness added Crower custom grind camshafts with the corresponding valvesprings to enable the combination to easily rev past 7,000 rpm. A pair of Ford GT fuel pumps feed the hungry Four-Valve, thanks to Performance Fuel Systems' high-impedence 83-lb/hr injectors. All told, the combo is good for 732 hp and 695 lb-ft of torque to the tires on 116-octane race gas. Modular Madness' Don Walker says the Mach will be tuned for 93-octane gas to around 650 hp, but more is in store to bring the horsepower numbers up to the 800-850 mark.

5.0 Tech Specs
Block8.8, 3.73 gears, Eaton differential,
FRPP '03 CobraMoser 31-spline axles
Rotating AssemblyEngine Management
Cobra crankshaft, Manley Stock computer, DiabloSport custom
H-beam connecting rods,tune by Modular Madness
Mahle 16cc pistons and pistonIgnition
rings, ARP fastenersStock Mach 1, NGK TR-6 spark plugs
Cylinder HeadsGauges
Mach 1 Four-Valve, HerbAEM boost gauge, AEM air/fuel,
Yancer Competitive {{{Edge}}}Raptor shift light
Racing valve job, Crower 
valvesprings with titaniumSUSPENSION AND CHASSIS
retainers Front Suspension
Crower custom ground toUPR Products tubular
Modular Madness specsA-arms
Intake ManifoldUPR Products tubular
Stock Springs
Throttle BodyUPR Products coilover
Stock Struts
Mass Air MeterStock
Sniper Tuning 3000Wheels
Power AdderReplica Mach 1 17x9-in
Hellion Power Systems single-Tires
turbo kit, T76 turbo, AEM boostNitto 555 275/40
Stock manifolds, Hellion PowerRear Suspension
Systems piping, MAC after-catSprings
Fuel SystemShocks
Twin {{{Ford}}} {{{GT}}} fuel pumps, '03Stock
Cobra tank, custom dual pickupControl Arms
and -8 fuel lines, CPR fuelBMR Fabrication uppers and
rails, Performance Fuel Systemslowers
high-impedence 83-lb/hr fuelWheels
injectorsReplica Mach 1 17x10 1/2-in
ProMotion Powertrain-modifiedNitto 555R Extreme Drag radials 315/35
Tremec TKO 600 with cryo'd gears,Brakes
Lakewood Industries scattershield,Stock
Pro-5.0 shifterChassis Stiffening
 FRPP subframe connectors