Brad Walker
June 12, 2007
Paul's 306 makes 485 rwhp and 527 lb-ft of torque thanks to his T64 turbocharger kit. He pieced the kit together with a Turbonetics head unit, Pro Turbo Kits intercooler, and Pro Turbo Kits tubing.

Paul replaced the head gaskets, fine-tuned the combination, and finally got a handle on the boost curve of the car. The next trip out resulted in a 10.84 e.t. at 121 mph. The head gaskets blew at only 15 psi. Diagnosing the problem as inadequate fuel delivery, Paul swapped them toward the end of the season for a return trip to the track. With only 10 psi, the turbocharged GT banged off an 11.22 e.t. at 125 mph without breaking a single part. MD Motorsports tuned the car, and Paul finished the season with a string of 11.0s at more than 126 mph on ET Streets and a best of 12.00 e.t. at 127.3 mph on street tires.

During the winter of 2005, Paul pieced together an Aeromotive fuel system, added a PLX M-300 wideband air/fuel meter, and began looking into running nitrous with the combination. That got the car into the 11.80s at 125 mph on street tires with the exact same tune-up. The next pass netted the GT an exploded transmission, splitting the input shaft on the Second-Third shift. At this point, the car was making 485 rwhp and 527 lb-ft of torque at only 9 psi on 93-octane pump fuel. Paul installed a methanol kit from DevilsOwn Injection, but then he realized he was running an undersized wastegate spring. He swapped the 0.25 bar for a 0.7 bar, and the car became a whole new animal. Keeping the boost in the 10-15 psi range, Paul managed a best of 11.13 e.t. at more than 127 mph with only a 1.70 second 60-foot time. The mostly stock 306 finally let go, giving its life so Paul could run low-11s on pump gas. He's back to the drawing board with the GT for 2007.

"I popped the old motor and broke the Tremec 3550 twice in 2006; things have been better," Paul says. "I got [the car] back together in November 2006. It took about eight weeks to get back together this time. I have only about $240 in getting it running again, including motor, gaskets, and so on. It now has a stock '87 F-150 5.0 short-block, E7 heads, and a stock Mustang cam. I just had Precision Autosports retune it yesterday. On 7.3 psi, the car made 396 rwhp and 486 rwtq-I was shocked. This is my 'tide me over' engine. Hopefully I'll be able to drive it next year with minimal issues. It should be good for 11s on slicks.

"My future goals involve a 351-based motor. I would like a 396/408 combo with AFR 225 heads, a Trick Flow intake, and Scott's T76 that's currently on his car. I want to keep it a five-speed, and it's my hope that the current TKO-600 would live behind that combo. I don't want anything crazy, just an easy 600 rwhp on pump gas and mid-10s on slicks. I really want to thank all of my family and friends for their help on getting this car to where it is today. If not for their support, I would never have fulfilled my dream of getting the car in 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords magazine"

With Scott already well on his way to a low-9-second car, we bet Paul will have a nice low-10-second package put together in no time.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockMSD 6AL-BTM ignition, MSD coil,
0.030-in over stock 302Accel plug wires, Autolite 3923
Cylinder HeadsAuto Meter, DRE sequential
Edelbrock Performer ported byshift light
Ron Robart at {{{Fox}}} Lake (Stage 1) 
FRPP F303Front Suspension
Intake ManifoldK-member
Trick Flow Track HeatStock
Throttle BodyA-arms
75mm EdelbrockStock
Power AdderSprings
Pro Turbo Kits turbochargerStock
system, Turbonetics T64 turbo,Struts
Pro Turbo Kits intercooler,Stock
10 psiWheels
ExhaustSpeed Ware Cobra R
Pro Turbo Kit, no cats, no Tires
Mufflers255/40/17 Grand {{{Spirit}}}
Fuel SystemBrakes
Cartech intank pickup, RusselHawk pads
Push-Lock hose; (-10 Feed, -8Rear Suspension
Return) converted to braidedSprings
in the engine bay, Cartech Stock
fuel pressure regulator, 1/2-inShocks
fuel rails, Aeromotive A1000Lakewood 50/50
fuel pumpControl Arms
TransmissionHP Motorsports upper and lower
Tremec 3550 upgraded to aTraction Devices
TKO-600 Driver's right foot
{{{Ford}}} 8.8 with welded axle tubes,Speed Ware Cobra R
3.27 gears, Superior axles,Tires
Eaton differential275/40/17 Ecsta {{{Supra}}}-712
Engine Management Chassis Stiffening
Superchips' Flip ChipJegs subframe connectors