Brad Walker
June 15, 2007

Jeff Thomas of JT Racing screwed together the 331-incher. A 10.5:1 compression JE piston works with H-beam rods and a stroker crank to fill the 0.030-inch over stock block. Bennett Racing ported the Trick Flow High Port heads that wear 2.08-inch intake and 1.6-inch exhaust valves. Not surprisingly, Jonathan Bennett prescribed the custom solid-roller camshaft to work with the 1.6:1 Harland Sharp rocker arms, Comp Cams valve springs, and Lunati lifters. A Jay Nelson-ported Victor 5.0 intake, an 80mm throttle body, a Kook's exhaust system, Hooker mufflers, an MSD ignition, and 38-lb/hr injectors make 409 hp and 368 lb-ft at the rear wheels. With a 150hp shot from the onboard NX nitrous system, those numbers climb to 576 hp and 661 lb-ft. That's how you push 3,100 pounds of Mustang into the 10.20s at more than 133 mph.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockAuto Meter gauges with Auto
0.030-in over stock 302 blockMeter 5-in tachometer
331ciSuspension And Chassis
Cylinder HeadsFront Suspension
Trick Flow High PortK-member
Bennett Racing custom grindA-arms
Intake ManifoldSprings
Victor 5.0, ported by JayUPR coilover
Throttle BodyCompetition Engineering
Power AdderWeld Draglites 15x3.5-in
Nitrous Xpress 50-{{{300}}} hpTires
Kooks 1 3/4-in long-tube headers,Brakes
3-in Kooks X-shape crossover,Stock
3-in Hookers Aero ChamberRear Suspension
mufflers, dumpsSprings
Fuel SystemStock
B&K in-line and 255-lb/hr Shocks
in-tank pump, 38-lb/hr injectorsCompetition Engineering
TransmissionControl Arms
G-Force five-speed in T5 caseSteeda adjustable uppers, UPR
Rearendadjustable lowers
{{{Ford}}} 8.8-in, 4.56 gears,Traction Devices
31-spline Superior axlesUPR antiroll bar
ELECTRONICSWeld Draglite 15x9-in
Engine ManagementTires
Simple Digital28x10.5 {{{M}}}/T ET Drag
MSD Digital-6, MSD coil, Stock
ACCEL wires, NGK plugsChassis Stiffening
 Steeda subframe connectors,
 Wild Rides eight-point 'cage