Michael Johnson Associate Editor
June 15, 2007

Talk about vintage-Corey's GT features original-style '87 seats. We say that because this GT came factory-equipped with a red interior. He changed that and added white-face gauges along with an FRPP tachometer and Auto Meter Ultra-Lite and Phantom series gauges.

A Ford technician by trade, Corey knows his way around a toolbox. As such, he built the engine himself using Eagle rods, SRP pistons, an Anderson Ford Motorsport B-41 camshaft, Edelbrock Performer heads, and a corresponding Edelbrock Performer RPM intake. Diebler Machine Shop treated the heads to a port-and-polish job prior to Corey bolting them down. They feature Comp Cams roller rockers, Manley dual-spring valvesprings, and 2.02/1.60 valves. When we shot these photos at the '06 NMRA Motorsport Nationals, Corey's GT featured a Vortech S-Trim, but he has since upgraded to an R-Trim for more power. For tuning, a Holley Commander 950 engine management system is used.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockEngine Management
StockHolley Commander 950 standalone
306ciMSD 6AL, ACCEL coil, Ford
Rotating AssemblyRacing 9mm spark plug wires,
Stock crankshaft, Eagle rods,Autolite spark plugs
SRP pistons, Federal MogulGauges
piston ringsFRPP tachometer, Auto Meter
CamshaftPhantom and Ultra-Lite gauges
Anderson Ford Motorsport  
B-41, FRPP liftersSuspension And Chassis
Cylinder HeadsFront Suspension
Edelbrock Performer, DieblerK-member
Machine Shop-ported, 2.02/1.60PA Racing tubular
valves, Comp Cams 1.6 rollerA-arms
rockers, Manley dual-valveStock
Intake ManifoldEibach
Edelbrock Performer RPMStruts
Throttle BodyMonroe
Edelbrock 70mmWheels
Power AdderFRPP 35th Anniversary Cobra
Vortech S-Trim supercharger,17x9-in
3.12-in blower pulley, 8-inTires
lower Renegade crankshaft245/45/17
pulley, 10 pounds of boostBrakes
Exhaust'99 {{{Mustang}}} GT calipers,
MAC 1 3/4-in long-tube headersSN-95 conversion
and 2 1/2-in H-pipe, FlowmasterRear Suspension
two-chamber mufflers, stainlessSprings
tailpipes Eibach
Fuel SystemShocks
255-lph in-tank fuel pump,Monroe
Vortech T-Rex inline pump,Control Arms
42-lb/hr injectors, KirbanBBK uppers and lowers
fuel pressure regulatorWheels
TransmissionFRPP 35th Anniversary Cobra
World Class T-5, FRPP King17x9-in
Cobra pressure plate,Tires
Centerforce Dual FrictionMickey Thompson E/T Street
clutch disc, Pro-5.0 shifter,radials 275/40
FRPP aluminum driveshaftBrakes
RearendSN-95 Cobra rotors, '99
8.8, {{{Ford Explorer}}} 31-splineMustang GT calipers, North
differential, FRPP 3.73 gearsRace Cars rear-disc
and 31-spline axlesconversion brackets
 Chassis Stiffening
 Dugan Racing subframe connectors