Michael Johnson Associate Editor
June 15, 2007
Corey makes the most of the classic-Did we just say that?-Fox GT lines with a blue-to-black fade paint scheme, a Cervini's Auto Designs cowl hood, a Cobra grille insert, and Ford Racing Performance Parts 10th Anniversary Cobra wheels. Kickin' the old-school theme even more is a Dugan Racing rear spoiler. Corey brings in the new school with the paint by choosing VW Aqua Blue and Black Magic hues. This GT also scores points with Editor Turner and Tech Editor Jones for featuring a T-top.

Horse Sense: Corey says his parents had a lot to do with him getting into Mustangs. "Both of my parents had Mustangs when they were young," he says. He didn't get his own until the age of 20, but that allowed him to take advantage of the opportunity to build something nice and make up for lost time.

Our beloved Fox Mustangs are getting up in years, people. The "aero" frontend Fox cars are now 20 years old. We'll give you a minute to digest that last statement, as it took us a minute as well. Any car 20 years old or more is considered a classic-yes, we're getting old, too. Age is just a number-at least that's what we say-and unlike us, Mustangs can be rebuilt to look and perform better than new.

Corey Gettle, the 31-year-old owner of this '87 GT, fits right into the Fox Mustang generation with those of us who grew up in the heyday of late-model Mustang performance. The Fox Mustang has come to define a generation, much like iconic cars of the past.

Corey's Mustang obsession began when he was 18 years old. "My best friend bought an early '80s coupe with a 5.0 in it." That was Corey's first experience riding in a fast car, but he had to wait to get his own. "I was deprived and wasn't allowed to have a car until I finished college," Corey says. You know he didn't become a doctor or lawyer, because at age 20 he bought his first Mustang: an '82 GT with true duals, a "hopped-up" 302, and the old SROD four-speed transmission. "I loved that car. But after only four weeks, I was hit head-on and my first car was totaled."

With the insurance money from the '82 GT, Corey regrouped and bought an '83 coupe. "I drove that car for years," he says, "but I always wanted a T-top. So in 1997 I found an '87 GT T-top for sale." Corey found the car in a classified ad on a Friday afternoon, and he drove four hours that night so he could be the first person to look at it the next morning. Evidently, he wasn't the only person to look at it because when he went back the next Monday, he bought the car out from under someone else.

To allow everyone within earshot to enjoy his favorite Flock of Seagulls tunes, Corey outfitted the GT with an Eclipse head unit, Phoenix Gold amps, MB Quartz component speakers, and a Kicker XPL 12-inch subwoofer.

"The car was ugly, but it was mine," Corey says. It had the dreaded red interior and a black-and-grey two-tone paint job that had seen better days. Corey drove the GT for about a year, and then he parked it to turn the car into what you see here.

The two-tone paint scheme went the way of the unicorn, and in its place came an Aqua Blue fade to Black Magic design. The paint is from R-M, and the colors came from V-Dub. The red cockpit joined the chaise lounge in the trash heap, supplanted by gray interior components. Gone are the millions of engine compartment holes; those were smoothed during the winter of '05 with help from Jesse Houseman. The lousy Fox Mustang brakes have been tossed in favor of SN-95 binders with North Race Car conversion brackets out back. Ford Racing Performance Parts' 10th Anniversary Cobra wheels replace the nasty turbine versions from back in the day. Ironically, the only component remaining stock is the engine block, but that's been massaged for more power in so many ways it's hard to call it "original."

"I've always wanted a car nice enough to be in a magazine," Corey says, "And now it has happened. I've won several trophies throughout the years, but my biggest accomplishment will be gracing the pages of 5.0&SF." Corey loves Fox Mustangs, and the sound of a cammed-up, supercharged 5.0 with Flowmaster two-chamber mufflers is music to his ears. "There is no sweeter sound."

Just like Fox Mustangs, that sound will never fade.