Michael Johnson
Associate Editor, 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords
June 1, 2007

Since the Cobra's Four-Valve engine is already potent from the factory, Tim chose to accentuate its performance with a Western Motorsports high-velocity air intake and a Nitrous Express Ford EFI nitrous kit. To get the air out, he added Hooker long-tube headers, a custom H-pipe, and a Flowmaster after-cat. As if 450 hp at the tires wasn't enough, Tim added a single Precision Turbo 76mm with a front-mount intercooler, 60-lb/hr injectors, and an SCT BA 2800 mass air meter to go for the 600hp mark. It's not making that power yet, as he needs to bring the Cobra's fuel system up to the task of supporting it. He plans to remedy that with twin Bosch fuel pumps. Behind the Four-Valve is a Hanlon Motorsports T45 designed to handle anything Tim can throw at it. For clutch duty, CJ Pony Parts' Bill Tumas fixed him up with a special concoction including a McLeod Kevlar disc with an FRPP heavy-duty pressure plate and a stock flywheel.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockRaptor Performance shift light,
StockAnderson Ford Motorsport
Displacementnitrous switch panel, Innovate
281ciMotorsports LC1 wideband
Rotating Assembly 
Cylinder HeadsFront Suspension
Stock K-member
CamshaftsPA Racing tubular
StockControl Arms
Intake ManifoldPA Racing tubular
Throttle BodyFRPP "B"
Power AdderBilstein
Nitrous Express Ford EFI nitrousBrakes
kit, window switchBrembo slotted rotors, G2
Fuel Systempainted calipers, Hawk HPS brake
Vortech T-Rex fuel pump, stockpads, stainless steel brake lines
lines and railsWheels
ExhaustAFS chrome Cobra R
Hooker long-tube headers,Tires
custom H-pipe with cats,BFGoodrich 245/45
Flowmaster after-cat exhaustRear Suspension
Hanlon Motorsports T45,FRPP "B"
McLeod Kevlar clutch disc, FRPPShocks
heavy-duty pressure plate, SteedaBilstein
Autosports clutch quadrant andControl Arms
firewall adjuster with a Ford cable,Pro3i uppers and lowers
MGW shifterTraction Device
RearendSteeda Autosports rear
8.8, FRPP Traction-Lok, Superiorsway bar
31-spline axles, 4.10 gears, FRPPBrakes
aluminum driveshaft, DallasBrembo slotted rotors, Hawk
{{{Mustang}}} Speedcal speedometerHPS brake pads, stainless steel
calibratorbrake lines
Engine ManagementTires
Stock Computer, SCT Pro RacerBFGoodrich drag radial 275/40
PackageChassis Stiffening
IgnitionKenny Brown Performance Super
Stock, NGK TR6 spark plugsSubs