Michael Johnson Associate Editor
April 20, 2007

Al Papitto at Boss 330 Racing built the 283ci Four-Valve with a Cobra crank, Manley rods, and CP forged pistons with Mahle piston rings. Al also treated the B-heads to a valve job, stainless steel valves, and Crower Stage 2 camshafts to match the company's valve springs. The Cobra intake received porting, shortened runners, and an Accufab throttle body. All-important billet oil-pump gears make sure everything is well lubricated. The focus on lubrication is due to a couple of things. First, the Four-Valve engine likes to rev. Second, the ProCharger F-1R just fore of the passenger-side cam cover is capable of forcing 23 pounds of boost down the Four-Valve's throat. The stealth exterior gives way to a ferocious symphony of supercharged power when this thing is running. The sound belies the 9.80s Andy's Cobra blasts at Orlando Speedworld Dragway.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockEngine Management
Cobra aluminumF.A.S.T.
283ciMSD distributor, 7AL-3 ignition
Rotating Assemblywith an HVC II coil, 8.5mm spark
Stock crankshaft, ATI balancer,plug wires, AGSF 22C spark plugs
Manley H-beam connectingGauges
rods, CP forged pistons, MahleAuto Meter {{{Phantom}}} tach, boost
Performance piston rings,and fuel pressure, Innovate
billet oil-pump gearsMotorsports wideband
Cylinder Heads 
valve job, stainless steelFront Suspension
valves, Crower valvespringsK-member
CamshaftsAnthony Jones Engineering tubular
Crower Stage 2Control Arms
Intake ManifoldAJE tubular
'98 Cobra ported, shortenedCaster/Camber Plates
runnersSteeda Autosports
Throttle BodySprings
Accufab single-blade ovalQA1 175 in-lb coilover
Power AdderStruts
ProCharger F1-R and three-coreLakewood Industries {{{90}}}/10
intercooler, Cog-pulley withBrakes
40-tooth blower pulley, 23-lbsSN-95 {{{GT}}}
Fuel SystemWeld Racing Pro Star 15x3.5-in
Walbro 2025 fuel pump,Tires
Aeromotive fuel pressure regu-Mickey Thompson 26x7.5-in
lator, 72-lb/hr injectors, braidedRear Suspension
stainless steel -10 sump to pump,Springs
-8 pump to engine, -6 return fuelEibach Pro-Kit lowering springs
lines, billet fuel railsShocks
ExhaustCompetition Engineering three-
MAC ceramic-coated long-way adjustable
tube headers, custom 3-inControl Arms
X-shape crossover, MagnaflowSteeda Autosports aluminum lowers,
mufflersadjustable uppers, antiroll bar
Performance Automatic SuperSN-95 GT disc
Comp AOD-E with 2,800-stallWheels
converter,manual valve bodyWeld Racing Pro Star 15x10-in
and transbrake, B&{{{M}}} HammerTires
shifterMickey Thompson E/T Street
Rearenddrag radial 325/50
8.8, Spool, Moser 31-spline axles,Chassis Siffening
4.30 gearsTakash Racecraft 10-point
 chrome-moly 'cage