Michael Johnson Associate Editor
January 1, 2007

Rob is a painter by trade, so it should be no surprise his '86 GT has been painted and repainted more times than Dennis Rodman's head. Whatever could be painted body color was. What could be taken off and polished or chromed was given the full treatment. The car has gone through so many transformations it's a struggle to recount them all. In its current state, however, the color is from the BASF Extreme line, and it's called Tahitian Sunset Chameleon, which is short for orange, red, yellow, gold, green, and everything in between. Obviously, Pierpont knows we're suckers for Bogarts so he made sure to outfit his GT with Welded RTs at each corner.

Rob's engine combination changed as well. First was the stock block with a few bolt-ons and nitrous. His current combination uses a Ford Racing Performance Parts standard-bore Sportsman B50 block, a steel crankshaft, stock connecting rods, forged pistons, and Speed-Pro gapless, file-fit piston rings. The heads are Trick Flow Twisted Wedge items and boast Manley 2.02/1.60 valves, Trick Flow 1.7-ratio roller rockers and pushrods, Crane Cams double-spring valvesprings, and a five-angle valve job and CNC-porting courtesy of Ace Automotive's Tim Logsdon. Valvetrain movements occur at the beckon of an Isky custom-ground hydraulic-roller cam. Up top is a Trick Flow Track Heat intake (now chrome) with an Accufab 70mm throttle body receiving supercharged air via a Pro-M 75mm blow-through mass air meter. The supercharged air comes from a ProCharger P-1SC featuring a 3.75-inch pulley for 14 pounds of boost. The supercharger benefits from a two-core intercooler and Renegade brackets, which eliminate the power steering and A/C to help clean up the engine compartment. Horsepower figures come in at the 500 mark on pump gas. Since these photos were taken, Rob has added a UPR Product's tubular K-member, control arms, and coilover conversion. Also, Rob added a Reichard Racing blower puley, an Anderson Ford Motorsport power pipe, and a Meziere water pump.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockEngine Management
Ford Racing Performance PartsLate-model mass air-compatible
Sportsman B50computer, Anderson Ford PMS
302 ciMSD 6AL, Pro Billet distributor,
Rotating Assemblyand spark-plug wires; Autolite
Steel crankshaft, stock con-spark plugs
necting rods, forged pistons,Gauges
Speed-Pro gapless file-fitAuto Meter
piston rings 
Isky custom hydraulic-rollerFront Suspension
Trick Flow Twisted WedgeStock
ported and O-ring'd by TimControl Arms
Logsdon of Ace Automotive,Stock
w/ Trick Flow 1.7-ratio rollerSprings
rockers and Crane double-Eibach Drag Launch
spring valvespringsStruts
IntakeLakewood {{{90}}}/10
Trick Flow Track Heat, 1-inCaster/Camber
phenolic spacerStock
Throttle BodyBrakes
Accufab 70mmAerospace Components Street/Strip
Mass Airfive-lug
Pro-M 75mm blow-throughWheels
Power AdderBogart Welded RT 15x4
ProCharger P-1SC superchargerTires
and two-core intercooler, 3.75-in165R15
pulley, 14 lbs of boostRear Suspension
Fuel SystemSprings
Aeromotive sumped tank,Eibach Drag Launch with airbag in
A1000 fuel pump, fuel rails,right rear springs
and fuel-pressure regulator;Shocks
FRPP 42-lb/hr injectorsStrange Engineering adjustable
ExhaustControl Arms
BBK Jet Hot-coated long-tubeHP Motorsport Megabite upper and
headers and H-pipe, Flowmasteradjustable lower control arms,
one-chamber mufflers withpolyurethane bushings
TransmissionAerospace Components Street/Strip
World Class T5, Centerforcefour-piston
Dual-Friction clutch, FRPPWheels
pressure plate, Pro-5.0 shifterBogart Welded RT 15x9.5
FRPP aluminumBFGoodrich Drag Radial 275/60
RearendChassis Stiffening
8.8, Moser 33-spline axles, spool,Maximum Motorsports rollcage,
C-clip eliminators, RichmondKenny Brown Performance
Gear 3.73 gearssubframe connectors