Michael Johnson Associate Editor
June 1, 2006

Ryan kept things simple on the inside, with the necessary aftermarket gauges, such as a Wideband Commander air/fuel gauge and the requisite boost/vacuum gauge to monitor the ATI-ProCharger F-1A's boost pressure, which we're sure stays at 20 psi with Ryan behind the wheel. A Pro-5.0 shifter boasts a UPR pistol-grip handle to give changes more emphasis from Ryan's right arm.

Instead of playing around with pulleys, Ryan went straight for the jugular by having Justin's Performance Center bolt on an ATI-ProCharger F-1A supercharger combined with an Afco heat exchanger onto the otherwise relatively stock Four-Valve engine. Dual Focus fuel pumps feed the beast via stock lines and rails and 60-lb/hr injectors. Power Surge Performance coaxed out 662 hp and a best of 10.48 at 131 mph using SCT software. Besides driving this Cobra, Ryan now races a '99 Cobra in the NMRA Factory Stock class.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockStock, Autolite 103 plugs
DisplacementWideband Commander air/fuel
281 cigauge, vacuum/boost gauges
Cylinder Heads 
CamshaftsFront Suspension
Intake ManifoldStock
Stock lower, ATI-ProChargerA-arms
sheetmetal upperStock
Throttle BodySprings
Accufab single bladeStock
Mass Air MeterStruts
STC 90mm Big AirStock
Power AdderWheels
ATI-ProCharger F-1AStock
supercharger, 3.6-in pulley, AFCOTires
heat exchangerGoodyear F1
Stock exhaust manifolds,Stock
Bassani X-pipe and after-catRear Suspension
Fuel SystemSprings
Dual Focus fuel pumps, stockStock
lines and rails, 60-lb/hr injectorsShocks
Stock T56, Centerforce dual-Traction Devices
friction clutch, Pro-5.0 shifterStock IRS
with UPR pistol-grip handleWheels
Stock IRS, The Driveshaft ShopTires
Level 5 axleshafts, 3.{{{90}}} gears{{{M}}}/T 26x11.5 ET Streets
Engine Management 
Stock computer, SCT tune-up by 
Power Surge Performance