Travis Thompson
May 1, 2006
The air/fuel induction is handled by an Edelbrock Victor Jr. four-barrel intake that's been modified to accept an injector for each cylinder. The multi-point fuel injection is controlled by a Holley Commander 950 system. This 1,000-cfm Holly throttle body takes the place of a carb atop the manifold, directing air into the engine. The fuel flows into the ends of the intake runners through the fuel injectors.

The glory days couldn't last forever. During an open-track event at Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas, Bill noticed the oil pressure was way down. He limped home and tore down the motor to discover the block was split right down the middle. Instead of just fixing it, Bill went in another all-new direction. He went with an aluminum RDI/Ford Racing Performance Parts block, stroked it to 347 ci, and added a set of Total Engine Airflow Stage-3-ported Trick Flow Twisted Wedge aluminum heads. He ditched the Cobra intake for an Edelbrock Victor Jr. four-barrel manifold modified by Induction Research for multi-point fuel injection. While in Bowling Green, Bill made some friends at Holley and they fixed him up with a new Commander 950 race fuel-injection system topped off by a 1,000-cfm billet throttle body. He also found himself with a set of custom Jet-Hot-coated Hooker Super Comp headers, a matching X-pipe, and a set of Flowmaster three-chamber mufflers. The new setup put down nearly 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, and Bill can tune the whole thing on his laptop!

After adding the silver you see on the car, which is color matched to the wheels, Bill decided he needed more brakes to go with the new power. Stillen Motorsports was working on adapting some Brembo rotors and calipers to the SN-95 spindles. Of course, Bill agreed to help test and assess the new brakes on the track. The results were great, and Bill finally had enough brakes for those longer tracks.

The modifications have slowed, as Bill found a combo that suits his needs. He is now back in Minnesota, attending track days, cruise nights, and car club events. As of 2005, this '82 GT had 56,000 miles. I wonder how many of them were run with the throttle wide open or the brakes glowing red.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockAuto Gage
RDI/Ford Racing Performance 
DisplacementFront Suspension
347 ciK-member
Cylinder HeadsGriggs tubular
Trick Flow Twisted Wedge,A-arms
Stage-3 Ported by TEAGriggs tubular
UltradyneGriggs adjustable coilovers
Intake ManifoldStruts
Edelbrock Victor Jr. modified forKoni double-adjustables
multiport fuel-injectionWheels
Throttle BodyAKT Logic 17x9-inch aluminum
Holley 1,000-cfmTires
Power AdderBridgestone Potenza RE71
See aboveBrakes
ExhaustBrembo 13-inch rotors and
Hooker Super Comp headers,four-piston calipers
custom X-pipe, three-chamberRear Suspension
Flowmaster mufflersSprings
TransmissionGriggs adjustable coilovers
Tremec TKO II Road Race close-Shocks
ratio five-speedKoni double-adjustables
RearendControl Arms
9-inch with Detroit Locker, 31-Griggs control arms, torque arm,
spline axles& Panhard bar
ELECTRONICSAKT Logic 17x9-inch aluminum
Engine ManagementTires
Holley Commander 950 EFIBridgestone Potenza RE71
Stock11.3-inch SVO/{{{Lincoln}}} MK VII