November 21, 2006

That was the plan, but the car was still half-broken and sitting in Jason's driveway. So without a trailer in sight, he allowed his brother to drive the Mustang the short distance to MV's shop. As you know by now, nothing is ever a sure thing when it comes to Jason's GT, so it should come as no surprise his brother gave the car too much gas and, sure enough, around goes the car-right into a guardrail. All this happened right in front of Jason, so you can imagine the sinking feeling he had. This mishap took out the right-front fender and that side's headlight, and scraped up the front bumper cover and hood. "It had been raining, so my car was facing oncoming traffic, stuck in the mud, and stuffed up against the guardrail." Jason backed the car out of the mud and finished the trip to MV for the aforementioned upgrades.

Once MV finished the upgrades, the car was ready to go-except for the rearranged front end. Even before the guardrail mishap, Jason and his brother wondered how the car would look with an '03-'04 Cobra front end. Remember, Jason's Carnes Customs painted Jim Breese's NMRA Real Street car. They liked the results so they decided to graft a Terminator front end to Jason's '95. Obviously, the fenders took the most work, and Jason figures he and Jonathan have 200 hours into the fenders alone. What made the transition difficult was the '94-'98 cars are actually wider in the front when compared to their New Edge brethren. It sounds easy, but Jason basically cut the front edge off the '03-'04 Cobra fenders and blended them into the SN-95 fenders.

As if all that work wasn't difficult enough, Jason repainted the car black-one of the most nonforgiving colors in the book. The smallest imperfections stick out like a Camaro at an NMRA race. But, as you can see, the straight-as-an-arrow results tell the story.

With the Cobra front-end conversion done, Jason wanted the interior to match. After another trip to Mustang Parts Specialties, his truck was full of '03 Cobra interior components. With all that done and just two weeks before the NMRA World Finals at Bowling Green, Kentucky, Jason melted one of the Edelbrock heads with his pushrod combination. "What better time than two weeks before Bowling Green to change every wire of the car to a '97 Cobra wiring harness for a Vortech T-Trim'd '97 Cobra Four-Valve," he says. That's right-two weeks before we were set to scope out Jason's car, he swapped from a pushrod combo to a Vortech supercharged Four-Valve.

"After many sleepless nights and an upset girlfriend, I pulled into Bowling Green Saturday at 5 a.m., then back up at 7 a.m. cleaning the car in the hotel parking lot to get it ready for Michael Johnson and Steve Turner-and here we are."

Tech SpecsEngine And DrivetrainBlock '96-'98 Cobra aluminum Displacement284 ciRotating AssemblyCobra steel crankshaft, ModMax Racing H-beam rods and forged pistonsHeads'96-'98 Cobra, MV Performance-portedCamshaftsStockIntake'96-'98 Cobra, MV Performance-modifiedThrottle BodyStockMass AirPro-M Power AddersVortech T-Trim superchargerFuel SystemMV Performance-modified tank for twin Focus fuel pumps, 42-lb/hr injectors, stock fuel-pressure regulatorExhaustBassani Xhaust headers and off-road X-pipe, Flowmaster after-cat exhaust with stainless steel tipsTransmissionTTC-Tremec 3550, Ram clutch, Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, Ford Racing Performance Parts aluminum driveshaftRearendStock 8.8, Moser spool, 33-spline axles, and C-clip eliminators, FRPP 4.30 gears

ElectronicsEngine ManagementMV Performance-tuned DiabloSport Chipmaster Revolution chipIgnitionStock Cobra, NGK spark plugsGauges'96 Cobra

Suspension And ChassisFront SuspensionK-MemberStockControl ArmsStockSpringsMV PerformanceStrutsLakewood 90/10Caster/CamberUPR ProductsBrakesBullitt 13-inWheelsFoose Speedster 18x9-inTiresNankangRear SuspensionSpringsEibach Drag Launch with airbag in right rearShocksQA1Control ArmsMetco Motorsports upper and lower control armsBrakesStockWheelsFoose Speedster 18x9-inTiresNankangChassis StiffeningMV Performance subframe connectors