Michael Johnson Associate Editor
February 2, 2006
Photos By: Steve Turner
If Jerome received a nickel every time someone asked how much trouble it was to install the SN-95 dash, he'd be a millionaire. Although the dash from the wrecked Cobra couldn't be used, Jerome found a good donor from a '97 Mustang, and he got to work. He and his friend, David Hornsby, spent 10 hours cutting and trimming alone, and that was just to be able to mount the dash. "It was worth every minute of it," Jerome says.

Oh, yeah-about that. Jerome used an Anthony Jones Engineering tubular K-member specifically designed for a modular-into-Fox swap. With that in the coupe, he dropped in the '03 Cobra engine, transmission, driveshaft, radiator, and hydraboost brake system. When the car was "finished," Jerome took the car with the '03 Cobra Eaton supercharger, fuel system, and a 6-pound lower pulley. "The car made 431 hp and 421 lb-ft of torque," he says. But that was before his wife, Pamela, bought him a Kenne Bell 2.4 Twin-Screw supercharger. He says there's no getting rid of Pamela now-and she doesn't have a sister. With the Kenne Bell, twin SVT Focus fuel pumps and 60-lb/hr injectors, the coupe hammered out 579 hp and 545 lb-ft to the rear wheels at just 13.5 pounds of boost. Performance Fuel Systems' Alan Kennedy tuned the car using SCT software.

After seven months of working on the coupe and "finishing" it at 3 a.m. on September 30, 2005, Jerome started it at 8 a.m. and headed for Bowling Green, Kentucky, for the NMRA World Finals. We didn't see the car the Saturday of the event, but NMRA Car Show Director Sweaty Eddie Svoboda did and, being the good guy he is, told us he would call when Jerome arrived with the car. As you can see, he has arrived. Quick street car, accomplished.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockEngine Management
'03 CobraAlan Kennedy-tuned SCT chip,
BoreStock '03 Cobra computer
Stock {{{90}}}.2 mmIgnition
StrokeStock '03 Cobra
Stock 90 mmGauges
DisplacementAuto Meter, Innovate
281 CIMotorsports air/fuel
Rotating Assembly 
CamshaftsFront Suspension
Stock '03 CobraK-member
HeadsAnthony Jones Engineering Fox
Stock '03 CobraModular swap tubular K-member
IntakeControl Arms
Kenne BellAJE tubular for modular swap with
Throttle BodySN-95 ball joints
Kenne Bell Big OvalSprings
Mass AirAJE coilover
SCT 90 mmStruts
Power AddersLakewood 90/10
Kenne-Bell 2.4 Twin Screw, 3.5-inCaster/Camber
upper pulley, Metco 6-lb lowerUPR
pulley, Lightning ForceBrakes
Performance heat exchangerStock '03 Cobra
Fuel SystemWheels
Twin SVT Focus fuel pumps,FRPP FR500 chrome 18x9-in
Earl's Performance ProductsTires
Prolite fuel lines, CPR fuel rails,BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW
Siemens-Deka 60-lb/hr fuel265/35
injectors, Stock '03 Cobra fuel-Rear Suspension
pressure regulatorSprings
ExhaustFRPP C-springs
Kooks long-tube headers andShocks
X-pipe, Flowmaster 3-in after-catStock
exhaust with two-chamberControl Arms
mufflersBennett Racing adjustable uppers,
TransmissionSteeda lower control arms
T56, McLeod Street Twin clutch,Brakes
Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, Stock '03Wilwood four-piston system
Cobra driveshaftWheels
RearendFRPP FR500 chrome 18x9-in
Stock 8.8, Kenne Bell girdle,Tires
Powertrax Locker differential,BFGoodrich drag radial
{{{Ford}}} Racing Performance PartsChassis Stiffening
4.10 gears, Moser axlesBBK subframe connectors