Tom Wilson
September 1, 2005
Photos By: Mark Wilson
Part Part Number Price
Supercharger (Whipple) {{{M}}}-6066-CT46 $3,150
High-lift camshafts M-6550-T46 $1,495
High-flow Four-Valve head M-06049-T46 $795
High-flow Four-Valve head M-06050-T46 $795
Short-tube headers M-9430-E465 $355
Cat-Back exhaust (Borla) M-5230-MSC $790
3.73 rear-axle gears M-4209-F373-N $199
Shifter (Hurst) M-7210-T56 $189
Cobra R springs M-5310-R00 $165
Cobra R springs M-5560-R00 $139
Cobra R front brakekit (Brembo) M-2300-X $1,295
Cobra R rear brake pads M-2200-R00 $79.95
FR 500 wheels M-1007-F500C $350
10th Anniv. shift knob M-7213-C $49.95
10th Anniv. shift boot M-7277-B $49.95
Cobra R Recaro seats, pair M-16620-C $2,599
Gauge twin-gauge pod M-17556-M201 $74.95
Boost gauge M-10883-A200 $75.00
Water-temp gauge M-11622-A200 $59.95
Directly from manufacturer:
Bassani X-Pipe   $699
Paul’s High Perf. fuel system   $2,123
BFGoodrich g-Force T/A tires   $1,150
{{{Ford}}} custom engine calibration   Unobtainium
Parts total:   $16,577.75
Base {{{Mustang}}} Cobra MSRP:   $33,125.00
Total Car and Parts price:   $49,702.75*
    *Installation labor not included.