Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 1, 2005
Photos By: E. John Thawley III

The car was completed just in time for the International Bullitt Owners Club (www.imboc.com) 2nd Annual Bullitt National show as part of Fun Ford Weekend at Firebird International Raceway in November 2003. On the way to the show, Michael stopped at Brothers Performance Warehouse for a Mustang gathering. Of course, Michael couldn't resist seeing what his Bullitt would do on Brothers' Dynojet 248C chassis dyno. Of the two pulls, the Bullitt made 335 hp and 335 lb-ft of torque.

Once Michael made it to Firebird, he needed to dust off the 30 years of drag racing rust and take the Bullitt down the track, which resulted in a best of 13.26 at 110 mph with a 2.13 60-foot time on BFGoodrich Drag Radials. Michael's eighth-mile time was an 8.73.

Of course, the trip to the strip only ignited Michael's passion for more speed. He added a Speed Direct Amerex Halon fire extinguisher for safety, an SLP line-lock kit, a Raptor Performance shift light, and Bogart Drag-On Star 2 wheels, front and back, to reduce rotational weight. The Bogarts combined with Hoosier Racing tires (28x10 slicks out back) took 100 pounds off the car, and a subsequent trip to a local eighth-mile track rewarded Michael with an almost half-second elapsed time reduction, down to an 8.28 at 84 mph with a 1.85 60-foot time.

Michael was far from done, however. He once again did his homework and decided to go with an NOS dry nitrous kit from Brothers Performance. Michael chose this NOS kit because it's smog-legal, something he takes pride in with all added components on his Bullitt. The twin 10-pound bottles are readily accessible, mounted right behind the front seats using an X2C Motorsports rear seat delete kit. Of course, Michael earns extra credit for adding blow-down dump tubes with safety blow-off valves, a purge kit, and bottle heaters for each bottle.

Even with all the performance additions, Michael's Bullitt looked stock on the street, and he couldn't have that. To step up the Bullitt's street cred, he added a Mach 1 grille delete kit and chin spoiler from Gene Evans Ford, and Wheel Replica's Bullitt-style wheels (10.5s out back) with BFGoodrich treads (315/35 drag radials out back). Michael's latest addition is a Rockland Standard Gear T56 transmission, a Southland HPK Bullitt Stage 3 clutch, and a BBK adjustable clutch cable and quadrant kit.

Michael says his Bullitt has been in more than 17 car shows, and it has yet to go without a trophy from any of them. Furthermore, with the performance capabilities of Michael's Bullitt, combined with the car's show qualities, it's going to take a really sharp aim to shoot down this Bullitt.