Dale Amy
April 1, 2005

The inside of the car was in good shape, except I think that a monkey lived in there for a while and gave it a really bad smell; hence the nickname all of our friends affectionately gave the car: Stinky."

The foregoing is Terry Allen's blunt assessment of the condition in which he found this '93 LX coupe, out in "cow country," about six hours from his farm near Erie, Pennsylvania. "I had to drive the car back," Terry continues, "and by the time I returned home, I thought I was going to be sick." Not exactly an auspicious beginning to an automotive relationship.

Between its zoological aroma and the fact that, "My wife and daughter told me they thought a notch was the ugliest Mustang Ford ever made," it's a wonder Terry and his obviously sedan-loving spouse, Julie, ever acquired the little formal-roof Ford in the first place. Terry was undaunted, however. "We already had a '93 and a '96 Cobra, and I wanted something different-something I would not feel bad about molesting."

Now, "molesting" is hardly a word that we'd use to describe the tasteful transformation the Allens performed to convert the completely stock, but smelly, notchback into the turbo terror it is today. And Terry knew he'd be going the turbo route long before buying the car. "I wanted something that wouldn't disappoint me on the dyno, and could cater to my interest in turbos. I spent about a year researching turbo kits through magazine articles and information via the Internet, and finally settled on Turbo-charged Power Systems (HP Performance) out of New Mexico." With the power adder selected, he then went on a six-month Internet and classified search for "something different" to bolt it onto, resulting in the eventual purchase of Stinky.

Unwilling to live with its original, but faded, red hue, and inspired by the two-tone schemes displayed on Saleens at Ford's 100th Anniversary, the Allens soon extracted the 5.0 drivetrain and sent the rest of the LX over to Vicious Paint and Auto Body, in Erie, for application of the striking black-over-red combination, featuring discreet flames both atop and beneath the Cervini's 4-inch cowl hood. The trunk lid is also a Cervini's piece, but the rest of the body remains factory stock.

While the Unibody was out being gussied up, Terry went to work installing HP's intercooled Stage 1 Streeturbo on the 5.0, using the factory heads and intake from his '93 Cobra. "We thought we would use the stock engine for now (it only had 38,000 miles on it)," says Terry, "and, if it blew, [we'd] worry about it then. That came quicker than expected-we took the car to the dyno and it made it through one pull. The boost controller was too small, and the car made 17 pounds of boost in 1.2 seconds, leaned out, and blew the head gaskets. Head gaskets would have been all right, but it was more serious than that-a cracked block. It was nothing that a phone call and some money wouldn't fix."

Terry's fix consisted of a D.S.S. 331 short-block and a new boost controller. This time, the trip to the dyno was no doubt more satisfying, resulting in 511 rwhp and a spine-shattering 622 lb-ft of torque at just 10 psi of boost. Perhaps most amazing of all, this was with no chip in the A9L processor (the HP turbo comes with a C&L mass air, matched to 42 lb/hr injectors). And the driveability must be good, as the Allens have, at the time of writing this in September, racked up over 6,000 miles on the combo since its installation last May. Terry also knows there's way more to be found in the turbo, but recognizes that the notchback's clutch, transmission, and rearend will need serious upgrading before dialing up the boost.

Aside from the paint job, all work on the LX was performed at Great Lakes Performance, a side business of Terry's, as if his main occupation as a fifth-generation grape farmer and manufacturer of grape harvesters and other vineyard equipment doesn't keep him busy enough. Once he sorts out his downstream drivetrain weaknesses, he hopes to find time to come out and play with Stinky in Wild Street in 2005.

By the way, the noxious odor of its interior is now a thing of the past, but the once-forlorn notchback still lives up to this less-than-flattering nickname. Only now it just goes like stink.

Block D.S.S. Super Pro Bullet
Displacement 331 ci
Crank 4340 forged steel, nitrided
Rods 4340 forged H-beam
Pistons D.S.S. forged Pro-lite
Cam Comp Cams custom turbo grind
Heads {{{GT}}}-40 iron
Intake ’93 Cobra
Throttle Body Professional Products 70mm
Mass Air C&L 76mm
Injectors 42 lb/hr Bosch
Fuel Pump Aeromotive A1000
Headers HP Performance
Exhaust MAC 3-inch mufflers and pipes
Power Adder HP Performance Stage 1 Streeturbo
Intercooler HP Performance, air-to-air
Transmission Stock T5
Rearend Stock, w/ Trick Flow girdle, 3.55 gears and stock diff
Cage Kenny Brown Street Cage
Engine Management Stock A9L, no chip
Ignition MSD Digital 6
Gauges Auto Meter, Innovate Technologies
K-Member Stock
Control Arms Stock
Caster/Camber Steeda adjustable
Springs/Struts QA1 coilover
Brakes Stock
Wheels Weld Draglite
Tires BFGoodrich 225/70R15
Springs/Shocks Stock with air bags
Control Arms Stock
Brakes Stock
Wheels Weld Draglite
Tires BFGoodrich Drag Radial 275/60R15 Chassis Stiffening Jeg’s subframe connectors