Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
March 1, 2005
Photos By: Steve Turner

Rick Shrout says he and his wife, Jennifer, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on July 23, 2004. We really hope he's right. During that time, the Blue Springs, Missouri, couple have owned a ton of Mustangs-more than 100, according to Rick.

Jennifer went along with the fevered pitch at which Mustangs would come and go-until Rick put together a certain Fox GT. Rick has always been able to cut Mustangs loose once he was done with them, but for some reason Jennifer was attached to that particular GT-until Rick sold it, that is.

It was at that point Jennifer decided she wanted her own Mustang-a Fox coupe-so Rick immediately began looking. He found the ideal project car as a roller-a black coupe with grey interior, which was perfect since he already had a complete drivetrain just waiting for a home. Jennifer gave Rick a few guidelines with which to build the car. It had to be a five-speed, it had to be loud, and she would be the one to choose the color and the wheels.

Rick already had his ducks in a row with a Gore Performance-built 306, a TTC-Tremec 3550, and Flowmaster Delta Flow mufflers with dumps. Of course, we think he had an ulterior motive when he hung a Vortech R-Trim supercharger off the passenger side of the engine. We could be alone in that assumption, but we doubt it. Anyway, the color Jennifer chose is actually a Pontiac color she saw on an '04 Grand Prix.

After the Mustang was completely stripped, Hammock Collision did the honors by applying the GM hue. We can see why Jennifer chose Roush 18x9 wheels with Dunlop and Goodyear treads. They really differentiate her coupe from the norm, as we don't see many Fox Mustangs wearing these wheels.

With help from Ryan Goodridge, Jay Lawler, and Rodney Arlint, Jennifer had her daily driver. But on the weekends, Rick had a race car. He even has a race-style hood from Cervini's Auto Designs and a Vamp Racing rear wing (on a spare trunk lid), with Weld Racing wheels just for track outings. Here's where the Vortech R-Trim comes into play, although on a recent track outing Rick hurt one of the Trick Flow heads when a cylinder got too hot.

When we last spoke with Rick and Jennifer, the coupe was still sitting on the Weld wheels, but the engine was at Gore Performance getting redone. The good news is the car ran its best pass with an 11.31, when it blew a head gasket and hurt a cylinder head. The bad news is Jennifer is without her coupe and driving an '00 Mustang V-6 with the Roush wheels on it. Not that there's anything wrong with a V-6 Mustang, but it pales in comparison to Jennifer's coupe. Rick even thought about throwing in another of his spare engines just so Jennifer could drive the car, but he really didn't want to do the work twice.

Speaking of work, if Rick ever sells the coupe, he'll need to work on his marriage. "That's how much she loves the car," he says jokingly.

Block Stock
Displacement 306 ci
Rotating Assembly Stock crankshaft and connecting rods, JE pistons
Cylinder Heads Trick Flow Twisted Wedge, Gore Performance–ported, 2.02/1.60 valves, Harland Sharp roller rockers
Camshaft Anderson {{{Ford}}} Motorsport Pure Street custom grind
Intake Manifold Holley SysteMAX II, BBK 75mm throttle body
Mass Air Meter Pro-{{{M}}} {{{80}}} mm
Power Adder Vortech R-Trim, 14 psi
Exhaust BBK 15¼8-in short-tube headers and 21¼2-in H-pipe, Flowmaster Delta Flow mufflers
Fuel System 255-lph in-tank fuel pump, stock lines and rails, 55-lb/hr injectors, Aeromotive fuel-pressure regulator
Transmission TTC-Tremec 3550, Centerforce clutch, Pro-5.0 shifter, Ford Racing Performance Parts aluminum driveshaft
Rearend 8.8, Powertrax differential, 4.10 gears, Moser axles
Management Stock A9L computer, Anderson Ford Motorsport PMS
Ignition MSD Digital 6, Blaster coil, MSD plug wires, NGK plugs
Gauges Auto Meter
K-Member Hooken Chassis tubular
A-Arms Hooken Chassis tubular
Springs D&D Performance coilover
Struts Tokico
Wheels Roush 18x9
Tires Dunlop 265/35
Brakes SN-95 {{{Mustang}}}
Springs Eibach
Shocks Stock
Traction Devices HP Motorsport Mega-Bite Jr. lower control arms, Mega-Bite single-adjustable upper control arms
Wheels Roush 18x10
Tires Goodyear 275/40
Brakes Stock
Chassis Stiffening Jay Lawler-built chrome-moly cage, Rose Muffler subframe connectors