Dale Amy
December 1, 2004
Photos By: Chuck James

The Nittos get a lot of help from Steeda chassis bits, beginning with the South Florida firm's subframe connectors, Sport springs, and favored Tokico Illumina five-way adjustable dampers. Up front, Steeda also fitted caster/camber plates, a bumpsteer kit, and its X2 ball joints. Out back, Steeda's upper and lower control arms are teamed with Bilstein quad shocks to keep Steve's 8.8-inch axle under control. Said axle is pumped up with Moser 31-spline axles, an Auburn Pro diff, and 4.30 gears. With those steep cogs, Steve is happy he ponied up for one of D&D Performance's ultrastrong Viper T56 six-speeds, with its highway-happy 0.50 Sixth gear overdrive ratio. D&D also supplied the McLeod Dual-Friction clutch and King Cobra pressure plate.

There's plenty more hardware, but what really clinches the deal when scoping out Steve's Cobra is its luscious level of detail, as evidenced not just by the museum-quality engine bay, but also by little touches such as the Passport SR1 radar-detection system with remote front and rear sensors, and its display unit tastefully custom fitted into the clock pod on the dash-not to mention the Pro-M high/low-speed electric fan temperature control switch integrated into the former ashtray. Such attention to detail leaves us to conclude that now that Steve has fallen victim to the spell of late-model Mustangs, he is totally and joyously consumed by them. Welcome to the club.

Block '01 {{{Explorer}}} aluminum
Bore 3.572
Stroke 3.75
Displacement 302 ci
Crank VT Competition Engines forged stroker
Rods {{{Eagle}}} forged steel
Pistons CP forged, 9.3:1
Cams Crane Cams
Heads '97 Cobra, ported by Boss 330 Racing
Intake Kenne Bell "Open House"
Mass Air Pro-M 87mm
Throttle Body Accufab oval
Injectors 42 lb/hr
Fuel Pump Walbro 255/340
Headers BBK long-tube
Exhaust BBK H-pipe, w/Flowmasters and DynoMax 2.5-in tailpipes
Power Adder Kenne Bell Twin-Screw 1.5 liter
Transmission D&D Performance Viper T56 six-speed
Rearend 8.8 live axle, Moser 31-spline
axles, 4.30 gears, Auburn Pro
Engine Management EEC V w/Superchips Custom Tuning chip
Ignition Stock EDIS with KB Boost-A-Spark