Michael Johnson Associate Editor
December 1, 2004

Naturally, Paul's current goal is to run in the 11s, and he knows the easiest way to do that is to take weight out of the car by adding Bogart skinnies up front, a lightweight battery, and a tubular K-member and front control arms. "I think that when and if I hit the 11s in my car, I will be done racing it," Paul says. We're sure by the time you read this, the 'vert will have said "A Riva Derci" to the 12-second zone.

Block Stock '95 5.0
Displacement 302 ci
Rotating Assembly Stock
Camshaft Flowtech Induction custom grind
Heads AFR 165 (box-stock),
60cc combustion chamber, FRPP 1.6 pedestal-mount roller rockers
Intake Edelbrock Performer
(removed casting flash), Morpheus intake tube
Throttle Body FRPP 65 mm
Mass Air Meter Pro-{{{M}}} 75mm Bullet
Injectors FRPP 24 lb/hr
Fuel Pump Weldon 190-lph
in-tank, stock lines and rails, Kirban fuel-pressure regulator
Exhaust FRPP 15¼8-in short-tube headers,
Bassani off-road X-pipe, DynoMax Ultra-Flo welded mufflers, stock tailpipes
Power Adder Not needed
Transmission TTC-Tremec TKO,
Pro-Motion clutch, Steeda Tri-Ax shifter
Rearend 8.8, Eaton differential,
Superior 31-spline axles, and FRPP 4.10 gears
Engine Management Stock Computer w/EEC Tuner
Ignition Stock, FRPP plug wires
Gauges Auto Meter
Front Suspension
K-Member Stock
Control Arms Stock
Springs Stock
Struts Stock
Brakes Stock, '99-up PBR calipers (polished)
Wheels Bogart RR10 17x9
Tires Nitto 555 245/45
Rear Suspension
Springs Stock
Shocks Stock
Control arms Stock uppers, Global West lower control arms
Brakes Stock
Wheels Bogart RR10 17x10.5
Tires Nitto 555R drag radials 315/35
Cage Hooker four-point
Chassis Stiffening Global West subframe connectors