December 1, 2004

As this story went to press, Tim did the impossible. He-well-pressed his luck with that stock combination even more. He installed the larger Snow Performance methanol nozzle, maxed out the methanol system's pump (140 psi), upped the methanol mix/water mix to a 65:35 blend, set the base timing at 12 degrees initial, and installed a 2.75-inch Vortech supercharger pulley for a 17-psi max boost shot at the gold. Pressed for time at the track, Tim still managed a jaw-dropping 10.91 at more than 123 mph. Oh, and we have the timeslip from Tim to prove the run is legit.

You've read about some crazy stuff in these pages before, but did you ever think a 5.0 Mustang could go this fast with so much stock stuff remaining-and be street and emissions legal? Using what the factory has provided us with has been the heart and soul of this hobby since 1987. But Tim has taken that philosophy to a whole new level. Let the bench racing begin.

Tim Stockwell: The Buick Years
Tim is no stranger to extreme, stock-component street cars. In 1996, he outdid himself with one of his other favorite cars-the '86-'87 turbocharged V-6 Buick. Tim took a white-with-chrome '87 Turbo-T all the way to the 10-second zone with a stock, never-opened motor, converter, transmission, and rearend.He did add a larger turbo and a more efficient intercooler, fuel system, and drag suspension, but the vast majority of the car remained pain-fully stock. With the boost cranked well past the 30-psi level, Tim went as fast as 10.76 at 123.43 mph (1.45 60-foot times)-enough to have the rest of the Buick universe crying foul. After a complete teardown of that car, Tim was found legit, and his record-setting Buick legacy lives on to this day.

Block Stock
Displacement 302 ci
Cylinder Heads Stock
Camshaft Stock
Intake Manifold Stock
Throttle Body Stock
Power Adder Vortech V-1 S-Trim
Exhaust BBK 15¼8-in, short-tube headers;
BBK H-pipe; Flowmaster two-chamber
mufflers; Flowmaster stainless tips
Fuel System Walbro GSS 342-lph fuel pump (in tank); 42-lb/hr injectors; Kirban
adjustable fuel-pressure regulator
Transmission Stock AOD (never opened); Precision Industries 9.5-in converter
w/4,000 stall
Rearend Stock 8.8 w/3.73 gears
Engine Management Stock A9P computer
Ignition MSD 6AL, SS coil, two-step, and Vortech boost retard
Gauges VDO boost gauge w/an Auto Meter shift light