December 1, 2004

We first met Tim Stockwell in the pages of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords magazine during our evaluation of the Snow Performance methanol-injection kit ("Cool Your Jets," Nov. '04, p. 100). So, you may have some idea of what this car is all about. But the car isn't the only story here. As with most labors of love, the man behind the project is the real story. Tim, who is retired at the ripe old age of 37, has been building and racing cars since he was 19. His specialty is pushing stock-component cars beyond their perceived capabilities.

Whether you want to admit it or not, a "stock" car is just about the coolest thing you can build. How limited is Tim's creation? In a nutshell, this car has only a blower, a drag suspension, and one sweet tune. Now, that could be the end of the story right there. You could just go ahead and look at the pictures and read the captions. But, as we said, this is more about how Tim has pushed a largely stock 5.0 Mustang beyond anything you have ever imagined.

Tim has owned more 5.0s than the average enthusiast-more, in fact, than most used-car lots. As his cars have come and gone, he has slowly refined what combinations he likes and those collection of parts that he'd rather forget. With all that quality time spent learning the intricacies of the Mustang, Tim realized that the more stock the car (while still being fast), the better he liked the total package.

The one thing Tim's friends know about him is, regardless of the combination, his cars are impeccably prepared. Just look at this one-flawless from top to bottom. We doubt Tim is done moving 5.0s, but this car has already earned a special spot in his heart.

"The car was a California car its entire life," he says. "I bought it in January 2004, completely stock. I wanted a simple, basic, street car, so I removed the A/C, made a firewall delete plate, reworked the heater controls to remove the A/C markings, installed a Flaming River manual rack and shaft, and hid the entire fender wiring inside the inner fenders. Basically, I tried to declutter the engine bay as much as possible without removing the engine. I wanted to maximize the stock engine's potential before it comes out for internal mods. Since most people change the heads, cam, and intake right away, I wanted to see what it could do all stock internally-back to my old Buick days! My goal is simply to go as fast as I can, as inexpensively as possible, without making things any more difficult than they need to be."

Has Tim met those goals? We'll let you be the judge. We'd say the car is an unbelievable example of what the 5.0 Mustang hobby is all about-choose your path, stick to it, and be rewarded with a special car. The other huge advantage to owning/building a stocker is the price. Tim got the completely stock '92 LX coupe with 39,000 miles for $5,500. After he sold the A/C, the P/S, the Pony rims, and the factory-fresh exhaust, he had only $3,300 in the car. He estimates that even with all the performance parts he added (the $2,500 S-Trim kit being the biggest hit), he's into this 10-second car for only $8,000. Find a cheaper way to go 10s and we'll buy it!

Tim ran an 11.64 at 116.25 mph before the Snow Performance methanol injection system went on. On that 11.60 pass, the car still had the stock 3.27 gears and stock H-pipe. Then, with the tuning that we outlined in the tech story, the white coupe blasted off an 11.330 at 119.14 mph. That came with a 60-mile round trip to the track on drag radials with 94-octane Sunoco in the tank.