Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 1, 2004

To most of us, the thought of high school conjures up memories of pimples, funky hairdos, getting dumped during senior year, and the piece-of-crap ride we were saddled with-that is, if we had a car at all. Some of us were still riding around on two wheels instead of four-and they had pedals, not an inline-four or a V-Twin. Given a chance to go back for a high school redo, most of us would do lots of things differently the second time around. Luckily for Larry Forry of Reading, Pennsylvania, his senior year wasn't so bad.

During his senior year in high school in 1997, Larry became the big man on campus when he bought the '90 GT you see here. "I was actually shopping for a Z28 after driving a friend's '94," he says. But after looking at a few Camaros, he passed on the last one due to its appearance. (We'll forgive Larry's temporary case of insanity.) "On my way home, one last stop led me to find my Mustang GT-a '90 with 21,000 miles. The car was completely stock with the exception of the exhaust and gears." It was up to Larry to take the car to the next level.

"My first goal was to upgrade the stereo with a Sony CD player and a Sony nine-band equalizer, along with JBL and Infinity speakers powered by two JBL amplifiers, finishing off with a 10-inch Crunch sub," Larry says. Once he had the cheerleaders' attention with the tunes, it was time to give the car some wheels. He chose popular rims for Mustangs-17x8 OZ Racing Competition wheels wearing chrome plating and fitted with Pirelli tires.

With the stereo and the wheels, the car looked good and had rockin' tunes, but how did it run? Not fast enough for Larry. "After meeting a lot of great people, I found myself at Maple Grove Raceway with unimpressive quarter-mile times," he says. The times must've been really bad because he wouldn't even tell us what the car ran.

Larry's plan of action was to make the car faster starting with basic bolt-ons, including a Ford Racing Performance Parts throttle body, a C&L mass air meter, and underdrive pulleys. His next visit to the track provided Larry with 14.0s at 96 mph, but that wasn't quite good enough. He dug deeper into his wallet-and into the engine-by adding a pair of Edelbrock Performer heads and an Edelbrock Performer intake, Crane Cams roller rockers, and an FRPP E303 camshaft. With these mods, Larry's times dropped to a best of 13.24 at 102.6 mph.

"After being somewhat satisfied [with the performance] I focused my attention on the car's looks by adding a Cervini's Stormin' Norman hood and rear wing," Larry says. Besides having to paint the new body components, he also freshened up the car by spraying the stock ground effects with Ultra Blue metallic to match the rest of the exterior.

At last, the GT looked good and ran well, but it still needed more speed. To fix that problem, Larry looked no further than a blue 10-pound bottle-the jug, if you will-filled with nitrous oxide. "I decided to put an NOS Stage 1 kit on the car, and my times dropped to an average of 12.5 at 109 mph with a best of 12.20 at 114 mph," he says. "I'm really satisfied with how the car turned out, and I enjoy driving [it] more with occasional trips to the track. With all the decisions that had to be made, I decided I'll keep the car around for quite a while."

Block Stock 5.0
Displacement 302
Rotating Assembly Stock 5.0
Cylinder Heads Edelbrock Performer 6032, 1.{{{90}}}/1.60 valves, Crane Cams 1.6 rockers
Camshaft FRPP E303
Intake Manifold Edelbrock Performer
Throttle Body FRPP 65mm
Mass Air C&L 73mm
Power Adder NOS Stage 1 nitrous kit w/purge and bottle heater
Exhaust BBK short-tube headers, FRPP
off-road H-pipe, Flowmaster mufflers
Fuel System Walbro GSS340 255-lph pump, stock lines and rails, FRPP 24-lb/hr
injectors, Kirban fuel-pressure regulator
Transmission Stock T5, stock clutch
Rearend 8.8, Stock Traction-Lok
differential, 3.55 gears, stock axles
Engine Management Stock
Ignition MSD 6AL, ACCEL coil,
  FRPP plug wires
Gauges Auto Meter,
  Cyberdyne rich/lean gauge
K-Member Stock
A-Arms Stock
Springs Saleen
Struts KYB
Wheels OZ Racing Competition 17x8
Tires Pirelli P700Z 235/45ZR
Brakes Stock
Springs Saleen
Shocks KYB
Traction Devices MAC upper and lower
  control arms
Wheels OZ Racing Competition 17x8
Tires Pirelli P700Z 235/45ZR
Brakes Stock
Chassis Stiffening Kenny Brown
  subframe connectors