September 1, 2004

It's interesting how different Mustangs come into existence. Most of us begin with a plan of how we want our dream car to look. From there, it's a matter of skill, budget, and dedication that gets the car completed. Some people can build a complete project car in their garage. Others may need the help of automotive experts in the engine, drivetrain, chassis, or body disciplines in order to do the job right. Somehow, through all the ups and downs of this wonderful hobby, you folks keep cranking out hot Mustangs for us to take pictures of and for our readers to enjoy.

You could say Robert Pratt is a Mustang expert. He owns three of the hottest cars around, and all of them are in a continued state of development (although we're going to show you only one for now). Robert mixes over-the-top looks with gut-wrenching power. The problem is, with so many Mustangs and all those good ideas kicking around in his head, he has to have other people lend a hand when it comes time to making his dreams a reality.

As for the looks, well, Robert's personal tastes drive these projects, so he's not going to let that fall on anyone else. He chooses the paint, body kits, rims, chrome, and other pieces that make his cars win the show trophies.

But for power and driveline modifications, Robert turns over all his cars to Paul Faessler and the good folks at Paul's Automotive Engineering in Cincinnati. Paul and his crew are well known for cranking out supercharged modular Cobras that flat-out rock. The company's package includes the Vortech S-Trim supercharger (intercooled with Vortech's aftercooler in Robert's case) combined with a good selection of bolt-on parts (induction and exhaust), and finalized with a Mike Wilson supertune on the in-house Dynojet using Autologic software. Robert's Four-Valve put 508 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque to the tires-typical of these combinations.

While the looks of this car are perceived by the beholder, its performance is measured in the quarter-mile. On street tires, the heavy convertible Cobra has gone 12.00s at more than 113 mph. With street slicks, times jump to 11.80s at more than 120 mph.

In the time it took us to develop these pictures and write the story, Robert has once again upgraded his car at Paul's Automotive Engineering. They've already installed racing seats, a Saleen two-seater, and a racing suspension featuring HP Motorsport Mega Bite Jr. upper and lower rear control arms. Oh, yeah. Along with adding Bogart racing rims, Robert found space on the car's paint for some flames. With this latest round of goodies, he expects to see the 10-second zone real soon. Will the mods ever stop? We hope not.

Block Stock Cobra
Displacement 281 ci
Cylinder Heads Stock
Camshafts Stock
Intake Manifold Stock
Throttle Body Stock
Power Adder Polished Vortech S-Trim, AFM Power Pipe
Intercooler Polished Vortech Aftercooler
Exhaust BBK long-tube headers, H-pipe, Flowmaster mufflers
Fuel System Vortech T-Rex pump, 50-lb/hr injectors
Transmission TKO five-speed
Rearend 8.8 w/4.10 gears, Moser axles, Eaton Posi
Engine Management Stock computerw/Paul Faessler chip
Ignition MSD DIS-IV
Gauges Auto Meter
K-Member Stock
Springs Eibach
Struts Stock
Wheels 17x9-in Cobra R (chrome, of course)
Tires Nitto
Brakes Stock
Springs Eibach
Shocks Stock
Wheels 17x10.5-in Cobra R (chrome, of course)
Tires Nitto
Brakes Stock
Chassis Stiffening Saleen rollbar