Dale Amy
May 1, 2004

Moving that much mass requires commensurately heavy amounts of horsepower. We've already mentioned the turbo, which force feeds a Windsor displacing-by our calculations-about 377 cubes, thanks to the effect of a 3.75-inch stroke teamed with a stock 4.00-inch bore. Machining and balancing were handled by Greg Livingstone, but Mike-who used to run True Street in Fun Ford-did the assembly himself. Job Spetter Jr. came all the way from Turbo People's Hastings, New York, headquarters to work out a tune using ACCEL Gen 7 management. The combination in the car when we shot it-and the one detailed in our 5.0 Tech Specs sidebar-included older High Port heads and a Hogan's sheetmetal intake. But that entire assembly has been sold to a local racer, and Mike is putting together a fresh engine with a different head/intake pairing, so who knows what its underhood scenery will look like the next time you see it. He may also go to a 101mm turbo, but, as far as we know, he plans to stick with his two-speed Powerglide, which, like the rest of the car, is fairly simple but does the job.

Unfortunately, Mike doesn't have the time to invest in travel to all the NMRA events, so he competes in the Pacific Street Car Association more regularly. It was in one of those PSCA events in Tucson, Arizona, where, in 4,000-foot density altitude, the car gave its best performance to date late last season-an 8.04-second blast at 182 mph. In our books, that's right up there in Outlaw territory.

So if you're out looking for action in the vicinity of Albuquerque and an unassuming silver Mustang idles up beside you, do yourself a favor and avoid eye contact. Mike might be out for a test-and-tune session.

Block Ford Racing
Performance Parts 351
Bore 4.00
Stroke 3.75
Displacement 377 ci
Crank {{{Eagle}}} 4340
Rods Eagle
Pistons Ross
Cam Comp Cams, no specs volunteered
Heads Trick Flow High Port
Valves 2.08/1.60
Intake Hogan’s sheetmetal
Throttle Body Accufab 90mm
Injectors 160 lb/hr
Fuel Pump Weldon 2025 (x2)
Headers Southwest Motorsports
Mufflers Kooks
Power Adder Innovative/
Turbo People 91mm turbo
Intercooler Spearco
Transmission Powerglide
Converter Neal Chance,
no specs volunteered
Rearend FAB 9, chromoly, 3.50:1 gears
and Mark Williams axles