Tom Wilson
November 1, 2003

Dave assembled the engine himself. The displacement is nearly stock, with a 0.020-inch overbore to arrive at 285 ci. A stock steel Cobra crank, Manley Pro Billet rods, and 14:1 Ross Racing pistons with Total Seal rings make up the reciprocating assembly. The heads are Cobra castings, extensively and carefully ported by Griggs to Stage 3 specs and fitted with large 37x32mm valves and 202-degree/0.490-inch-lift Griggs cams. These cam specs seem mild until you recall there are two intake valves per cylinder, and you understand Griggs uses nonstandard measuring techniques. Flow numbers are in the 300-cfm league, and low-lift flow is especially impressive. The lash adjusters, rocker arms, and spring retainers are all stock; the valvesprings are Griggs.

5.0 Tech Specs
BlockAuto Meter {{{Phantom}}}
Aluminum 4.6 Cobra 
Aluminum 4.6 CobraFront Suspension
Intake ManifoldSprings
Griggs-modified short-runner475-lb/in Griggs Racing Blue Coil
CamshaftsKoni double-adjustable
Griggs RacingWheels
Power AdderFRPP 17x9-in Cobra R
Exhaust275/40ZR-17 Hoosier Road Race
Custom stainless steel stepBrakes
headers, X-pipe, no mufflersGriggs/{{{Sierra}}} calipers, 13.1 in
Fuel Pumprotors
WeldonRear Suspension
Fuel InjectorsTraction Devices
42-lb/hr LucasGriggs Racing torque arm,
Horsepoweraluminum lower-control arms,
430 at 7,650 rpm (conservativePanhard bar, adjustable sway bar
tune during abbreviated testing)Springs
Transmission375-lb/in Griggs Racing Blue Coil
Jerico five-speedShocks
RearendKoni double-adjustable
8.8 Hybrid, Griggs Racing designWheels
 FRPP 17x9-in Cobra R
Engine Management275/40ZR-17 Hoosier Road Race
Accel Gen VII DFIBrakes
IgnitionGriggs/Sierra calipers, 12.0-in