Eric English
July 1, 2003

Northwest Ford specialist Dave Bliss performed all the necessary machine work during the engine buildup, while Brad's Custom Auto handled the assembly. Dave has vast experience as a pushrod traditionalist, but he got into the modular swing after Custom Auto came knocking with engine after engine.

Engine Management EPEC
Ignition MSD
Gauges Auto Meter and VDO
Suspension and chassis
Front Suspension
K-Member Griggs tubular
Struts Koni double-adjustable struts
Springs Coilover
Brakes Brembo w/Performance Friction Pads
Wheels Fikse 18x10
Tires Yokohama professional endurance racing slicks
Rear Suspension
Traction Device Griggs torque arm, Panhard bar, and control arms
Shocks Koni shocks
Springs Coilover
Brakes Stock w/Performance Friction pads
Wheels Fikse 18x11
Tires Yokohama professional endurance racing slicks
Chassis Stiffeners {{{Eight}}}-point cage by Cascade Autosport, Griggssubframe connectors