June 1, 2003
Dan Millen (left) and Rick "Billy" Irvan.

But the WFC5 race was just the beginning of things for Dan and his amazing new '02 GT. By the time the NMCA hit Columbus, Ohio, Dan outfitted the car with the four-link suspension, 31x10.5W tires, and the class-limit 101mm turbo-again showing the adaptability of the new GT. Dan slammed down a fastest-ever pass in Super Street competition with a 7.29 second/195 mph effort (at 3,140 pounds).

From there it was off to the Clash of the Titans in San Antonio, Texas, where Dan and his Livernois team again made history. Running on 33x10.5W tires, with a 106mm turbo, and weighing 3,100 pounds, Dan's GT blasted off a string of the fastest passes in Outlaw-10.5W history-the best of which was a mind-numbing 7.17-second e.t. at more than 198 mph (1.21-second short time on the rear tires). On his way to dominating this event, Dan also ran a 7.20, a 7.26, and a 7.18.

For 2003, Dan will keep this car in action. His goal is to run 6.90s at more than 200 mph on the 10.5W tires-a performance plateau no one would have dreamed possible until Dan came onto the scene.

Block FRPP 9.2 aluminum
Displacement 392
Heads Brodix Neal
Camshaft Livernois custom
Intake Edelbrock Yates
Throttle Body Accufab 90mm
Fuel System Weldon 2345 pump, Weldon fuel-pressure regulator, Speed-Pro fuel rails, and 150-lb/hr Bosch fuel injectors
Exhaust Steve Grebeck/Bill Gilsbach headers and custom Bassani mufflers
Power Adder Precision Turbo
Transmission Lenco
Rearend Skinny Kid 9-in or 9.5-in w/Strange spool, Strange 3.89 gears (typically), and Strange 40-spline gun-drilled axles
Engine Management FAST
Ignition MSD Digital 7
Gauges Racepak
K-Member Skinny Kid
Struts Strange
Springs Strange
Brakes Strange
Wheels Weld Aluma Stars
Tires Mickey Thompson
Traction Device Antiroll bar/four-link or ladder bar
Shocks AFCO double-adjustable
Springs AFCO
Brakes Strange
Wheels Weld Aluma Stars
Tires Mickey Thompson