Dale Amy
May 1, 2003

Southern Hospitality (Tent)If you've never been to an American Le Mans Series race, you're missing some awesome sights and sounds. For Saleen fans, the highlight will no doubt be the thundering 7.0 S7Rs that do battle in GTS against Corvettes, Vipers, and Ferraris. Unfortunately, in 2002, the Saleens had to engage in this combat with one hand tied behind their backs, thanks to rules that had them choked with a 10-percent-smaller intake restrictor than the previous year. This penalty had to do with ALMS rule requirements relating to S7 production volume and European distributorship. These matters are expected to be resolved for the '03 season, hopefully putting the S7R back in the take-no-prisoners winning form it exhibited in 2001.

The Petit Le Mans we attended at Road Atlanta wrapped up the season with a 1,000-mile test of stamina-for cars, drivers, and crew. We, on the other hand, were able to escape the heat and load up on calories in Pirelli's hospitality tent. A perfect end to a great road trip and an exciting race.

03 SalEen S281

Curb Weight 3,428 lb, coupe 3,620 lb, convertible
Weight Distribution 57/43 F/R
Fuel Capacity 15.7 gal
Wheelbase 101.3 in

Type 4.6L, 2V, SOHC V-8
Bore and Stroke 3.60x3.60 in
Displacement 4.6 L, 281 ci
Accessory Pulleys Saleen underdrive pulleys
Exhaust System Saleen stainless, 2.5-in exhaust w/X-pipe
Horsepower 290 hp at 5,100 rpm
Torque 330 lb-ft at 4,100 rpm
Fuel Premium unleaded 91-octane

Transmission Saleen Quick-Ratio five-speed 8.8-in Differential
3.27 Ratio Standard 8.8-in Differential
3.55 Ratio Optional
Saleen MaxGrip Optional