Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
May 1, 2003

When the lease was up on Angela DeCillis' '99 GT, she did what any self-respecting Jersey girl would do-she bought an '03 Cobra. Doing so took her from 13.9s with the GT (which featured only a Flowmaster after-cat) straight to the 12-second zone with consistent 12.80s. To date, warranty concerns have limited the performance enhancements to a Flowmaster after-cat, but in the meantime she'll continue to hone her driving skills to drop the e.t.'s even lower. A nurse by profession, Angela calls the Cobra her reward for years of cracking the books. She doesn't baby the car around town either. As a matter of fact, if you live in Jersey and see a blur of Mineral Gray, it's probably her.

No ManrzJeff Burbank is a card-carrying member of the click-click club with his AOD-equipped '90 GT convertible. His 10-second combo starts off with a stock-block-based 306 with Edelbrock Performer heads, an Anderson Ford Motorsport B3 blower cam, a Typhoon intake, an Accufab 70mm throttle body, a Pro-M 80mm mass air meter, an MSD 6AL ignition, a Crane PS91 coil, a Vortech S-Trim pushing 15 pounds of boost, and an AFM Power Pipe. A Level-10-prepped AOD with a Lentech valvebody and Art Carr 9.5-inch converter resides in the tunnel, while a Ford Racing Performance Parts aluminum driveshaft transmits power back to a stock 8.8 with FRPP 3.55 gears and a TA rearend girdle. Exhaust components consist of BBK 151/48-inch ceramic-coated short-tube headers, a MAC 211/42-inch off-road H-pipe, and Flowpath Pro Dumps. Jeff's best pass is a 10.77 at 126 mph with a 1.57 60-foot time. "If I went overboard on the combo description, I apologize," Jeff says. Don't worry, Jeff, there's no such thing as too many details.

Qwik HuhBill Tumas contemplated selling his '96 Cobra, but when friend and fellow SuperStallion Andrew "Krimpet" Bauer died in September of last year, he got back into racing the car. "Both he and I were racing to 11.99 naturally aspirated," Bill says, "so I figure I have to get it now." The Cobra features a stock long-block, an SSR intake, an Anderson Ford Motorsport Power Pipe, a Pro-M 80mm mass air meter, JBA Shorty headers, a VRS X-pipe, 4.88 gears in an FRPP C-locker differential, 18x9 Bullitt wheels, cross-drilled rotors, Tokico Illumina five-way adjustable shocks and struts, and Kenny Brown road-race springs. The cockpit boasts a Kenwood touch-screen video system with DVD and PlayStation, and Cobra Daytona seats. Bill sends out a special thank-you to Jimmy Chahalis from LaRocca's Performance for helping him out in mechanical situations. Bill's best of a 12.02 at 114 mph is frustratingly close to that magic 11.99, but that plateau should be reached on the next trip to the strip. As event coordinator, Bill organizes SuperStallions of the Net events, including the Spring and Fall Nats at Cecil County Dragway.