Michael Johnson
Associate Editor, 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords
July 1, 2002

The interior of Andy's GT resembles any other Mustang racer-until you get to the seats. Instead of the typical race buckets, Andy's car features leather Saleen seats made by Recaro. Every-thing else is full race, all the way down to the Auto Meter gauges and the Hurst Quarterstick shifter.

For 2002, Andy is planning to add ladder bars for optimum traction off the line, along with finding the right torque converter-and not adding another nickname to his stable.

BES Racing built the engine using a Ford Racing Performance Parts S351 block, an Eagle crank, BME rods, and Ross pistons. Heavily ported Edelbrock Victor heads and a Super Victor intake serve as a perch for a Holley HP1000 carburetor. Andy says the engine was a compromise between what he wanted and what he could afford. With the amount of money he put into the engine compared to what other racers spent, he's more than happy with the engine's performance and the work done by BES. Along with his buddies at CPL Racing and BES Racing, Andy would like to thank Chris Hedrick for his help.

OK, you're probably wondering how Andy got the G-Man nickname. With a last name like Law, you'd think it was obvious, but it's not quite that simple. Andy wouldn't come off all the goings-on, but he said it involved the combination of way too much alcohol and a dare. We were eventually able to pry the secret out of him. Three years ago at WFC, he paraded onto the balcony of his hotel wearing nothing but a G-string! You know, Andy, you're our boy and everything, but that is way too much information.

Block {{{Ford}}} Racing Performance Parts S351
Displacement 399 ci
Crank {{{Eagle}}} 4340
Rods BME
Pistons Ross
Cam "Huge" Comp Cams Solid Roller
Heads Edelbrock Victor 7721
Intake Edelbrock Super Victor
Carburetor Holley HP1000
Headers Kooks 2-in long-tube w/4-in collectors
Mufflers Flowmaster 4-in Shootout
Transmission CPL Performance Powerglide
Shifter Hurst Quarterstick
Rearend 8.8 with Moser spool, Moser 33-spline axles, and 5.13 gears
Ignition Holley Annihilator
Gauges Auto Meter
Struts/Shocks Lakewood {{{90}}}/10/QA-1
Springs D&D coilovers (front), Moroso Trick (rear)
K-Member Performance Automotive
Rear Suspension Metco control arms, CPL Performance antiroll bar
Brakes Aerospace (front), stock (rear)
Wheels Bogart DOS III
Tires Moroso DS2 (front), Mickey Thompson (rear)
Rollcage CPL Performance 12-point