Michael Johnson Associate Editor
June 1, 2002
Photos By: Steve Turner

Horse Sense: Jason's car marks the second Mustang painted by Richie Jones of Jones Custom Creations to be featured in 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords. And Brad Carrol detailed Brian Thorpe's car, which graced our March '01 cover. Do you see a trend here?

When we attend events, it's sometimes difficult for us to find time to check out the car-show area. Between shooting race features, launches, burnouts, pit action, catching up on the latest race gossip, mooching off the Svinickis for lunch, and getting razzed by the TTC guys before they buy our dinner, there's not much time to visit the car show. For that reason, a show car has to stop us in our tracks to make us take notice. Fortunately for Jason Lindsey of Bee Springs, Kentucky, his buddy Brian Thorpe (Mar. '01 cover car/June '01 feature car owner) pointed us in the direction of Jason's tribal hatch at last year's NMRA finals at Bowling Green, Kentucky. Once we saw the car, the hook was set, and we decided to throw out the anchor and set up our cameras.

Of course, the paint hooked us right off the boat, but Jason tells us the car wasn't always this nice. "The day I bought it, I discovered someone was just white happy," he says. It shouldn't be surprising to know Jason bought the car off a repo lot. Basically, everything but the glass was painted white. This theme was also carried over to the Pony wheels. Jason had the car repainted white with a single red stripe over the top. It stayed that way for a year and a half, when he decided to update the paint scheme.

Jason's plan was to add ghost flames on the front end, but the night before the paint was to be applied, a different direction was decided upon. Utilizing the talents of Richie Jones and Brad Carrol of Jones Custom Creations [(270) 597-3178] and the aforementioned Brian Thorpe of Brian's Signs and Auto Graphics [(270) 879-4338], the car would wear this tribal flame paint scheme using PPG '91 Capri Polar White as a basecoat. The boys laid out the flames that night and painted it the next day. It took Richie, Brad, and Brian just a couple hours to tape off the flames. The result looks like it should've taken at least a day. "We have a system going to where it doesn't take long at all to lay something out," Richie says.

Jason purchased his first Mustang as a senior in high school. This hatch is his fifth. The car's current paint scheme was born the night before painting. Ghost flames were initially on the drawing board, but some last-minute thinking brought the tribal scheme to the forefront. This theme seems to be hot right now, and Jason decided to capitalize on that via the talents of Richie Jones, Brian Thorpe, and Brad Carrol.

During the paint process, Jason removed the engine for a once-over, which included new gaskets and painting the block and heads red to match the exterior and interior. He polished every component that wasn't painted, except for the Powerdyne supercharger which was handled by his buddy Jeff Smith. Jason also hid various solenoids and relays in the fenderwells for a cleaner-looking underhood appearance. Once the car was back together, Brad Carrol helped Jason with final detailing before hitting the show circuit. Speaking of which, right before the NMRA World Finals at Bowling, the transmission's First gear and Reverse went out.

Proving the car is all show, Jason hasn't driven it since our photo shoot. As of this writing, the transmission has yet to be fixed. But it will be addressed, along with adding ever-popular interior billet hardware, an eight-point cage, and ceramic-coated BBK headers, which can only mean one thing-it's show-hunting season again.