Dr.Jamie Meyer
June 1, 2002
On its first full pass, this wild NMRA Super Street Outlaw car ripped a 7.91 second e.t. at more than 176 mph (1.20-second short time). Wren "Pops" Vanderpool has promised big things for 2002, and when the "race" motor gets in the engine compartment, look for 7.60s!
Block FRPP {{{A4}}}
Cylinder Heads Trick Flow R-series
Intake Manifold FRPP/Edelbrock Victor
Camshaft Cam Motion
Power Adder ProCharger D-3R
Exhaust Kook's headers
Fuel Pump MagnaFlow EFI {{{600}}}
Fuel Injectors 160 lb/hr
Transmission Performance Automatic two-speed
Rearend Fab-9 housing with Strange 40-spline, gun-drilled axles;a Strange, Ultra-Light, 9-in spool/centersection; and 3.89:1 gears

Wren's ride is race car all the way, but RaceCraft still found room for the Saleen interior and glass, racing buckets, and a Winter shifter. The transmission is a bulletproof Performance Automatic two-speed working with a Performance Automatic converter, which, according to Jim Summers, "will stall wherever you want it to." Try somewhere around 7,200 rpm in this application!

Engine Management FAST
Ignition MSD

This SSO monster began life as a body-in-white '01 Mustang GT, which was totally transformed by Mark Wilkinson at RaceCraft [(815) 673-2386]. The hood and decklid are both made of carbon fiber according to Mark's own design. The paint is a factory orange, accentuated by a RaceCraft Outlaw rear wing. The cage is completely NHRA 25.1C compliant with the floor having been cut out, the bars welded under the cage, and then the floor reunited with the body of the Mustang. Pro 5.0 superstar Jimbone Summers says of this groundbreaking car, "This thing is trick, trick, trick! It's better than any Outlaw car in the country. The damn thing goes down the track better than my Pro car!"

Springs Anthony Jones Engineering
Struts/Shocks Anthony Jones Engineering
Front Suspension Anthony Jones Engineering K-member, A-arms, and drop spindles
Rear Suspension RaceCraft custom ladder bar
Wheels Weld {{{Magnum}}}
Tires Goodyear (front), Mickey Thompson (rear)
Brakes Strange